One Pacific Place Executive Series

One Pacific Place Executive Series

One Pacific Place Serviced Residences raises the bar in quality accommodations with its soon-to-launch Executive Series. These are 19 new guestrooms in the 38th and 39th floors of the hotel, all offering a fresh, contemporary vibe.

A modern minimalist look and airy feel characterize these new rooms with their high ceilings, light neutral palette, and stylish furnishings. They all come with modern amenities like a 32-inch flat-screen TV, bluetooth speaker with alarm clock, and electronic safe. Select rooms have kitchen and dining facilities, as well as a separate living area.

The Executive Series come in 4 categories. They are the Pacific Standard, Executive Standard, Pacific Premier, and Pacific Two Bedroom Premier.

The Executive Series are now available for booking via the website. You can also check One Pacific Place Serviced Residences Classic Rooms.

Get ready to experience a different kind of “high life” in Makati. Watch out for the official launch and be one of the first guests to stay at the new Executive Series.


BSA Suites Makati 2+1 Promo: Stay 3 Nights, Pay for Just 2

BSA Suites 2+1 Promo

BSA Suites gives you a reason to stay at this Makati hotel for a longer time with its latest deal. With the the 2+1 Promo, your 3-night stay comes at a price that’s worth just 2 nights. It’s like getting a free night for your stay!

The offer also comes with free set breakfast, complimentary one-device Wi-Fi internet access, and daily local newspaper. Standard policies, and terms and conditions apply.

To grab the 2+1 Promo, just book at least 3 consecutive nights on our website. Note that the deal applies to the Studio Executive Triple, One Bedroom Triple Premiere, One Bedroom Premiere, Two Bedroom Suites, and Three Bedroom Suites. The promo is also valid for stays from June 1 to August 31, 2017.

Promo details may change without prior notice. For reservations, Visit  BSA Suites Makati. You may also contact our sales department at (02) 864-0941 to 45 for your inquiries.

BSA Tower Exclusive: 50% Off Admission at Ayala Museum

BSA Tower Makati


Here’s an amazing treat for guests at BSA Tower Makati. When you schedule a stay at the hotel’s One Bedroom Executive accommodation, you get 50% discount on admission fees for two (2) persons at Ayala Museum.

Indeed, a stay at Makati City can become a more enriching experience. Ayala Museum in Greenbelt Park is a sanctuary of Philippine heritage that will amaze your mind and uplift your spirit. Featured within is a collection of archaeological artifacts, handcrafted dioramas, and books and contemporary titles on Philippine art, culture, and history. Regular programs, workshops, and exhibits catering to casual visitors, history buffs, and aesthetes also take place here.

By staying at BSA Tower, you enjoy easy access to one of the premier venues showcasing Philippine history and culture. The hotel is just a short walk of the museum, right across Greenbelt 5. And with a location in the Central Business District, it makes for an ideal lodging for both leisure tourists and corporate travelers.

This special tie-in with Ayala Museum applies to guests booking and staying at the One Bedroom Executive from May 2 to July 31, 2017. Note that promo details may change without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply. Reserve via the BSA Tower Makati website for immediate booking confirmation. For more details on this deal, call +632 8087989 or 8087998.

I have the high ground

I hate to teach someone. This much is true up until this very moment I’m writing this. When I heard I was gonna mentor someone, a series of flashback played in my mind about my experience in teaching. The last one bites like a snake.  Ever since that fateful day, I started to hate it and vow not to teach again if there’s nothing in it to me.

I don’t ask anything in return if I teach someone, what I want to see is to see them do it on their own and eventually do it perfectly. If I see them succeed, that’s fine. Even if they don’t thank me for teaching them, at least they should give me a proper respect I deserve not as a mentor, but as a typical human being.

I know that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, so why am I the one tasked to teach someone? Usually I teach because it is part of my work. I teach on-the-job trainees on how to do my work so that they could help me lessen my workload. It yield me good results for the most part because of the less workload, more time for other task and I got the time to know them personally.

What really ticks me off when teaching is after I teach someone; they tend to get on their high horse and starting to boast about their so-called self acquired skills. Their head is so full with air they even step on the ones teach them.

Because of that I really loathe mentoring someone. I became skeptical and doubtful on the people who want to learn from me. I distanced myself to those who want me to become their teacher.  I usually act grumpy, not smiling and become unapproachable.

It worked for me for the longest time. Less stress and I could care less about the people around me.

I looked back when I was in college. I never had the chance to be one.

Back in my college days, I never get to experienced being an OJT,  back then instead of going to numerous companies to apply for an on the job trainee position ( I don’t know the exact term for that) we are subjected to elective subjects and conduct our own seminars and attend numerous seminars to compensate for not having an OJT.

What happened to me? After graduating college and entering the so called “real world” I was overwhelmed by the work. It took me a couple of months to adjust to a foreign environment of the real world.  Thanks to those who trained me and helped me become the person I am today.

After reminiscing about the past, I had a slight change of heart. I can’t control their attitude but I can control what I can teach them. So that’s what I did.

Every time an OJT or a person throws a fit to me while I’m teaching them, I teach them less. I let them do the task on their own. If they fail or had a hard time doing the task, it’s their fault. I wouldn’t waste my time teaching someone who doesn’t control their bloated ego and don’t respect others.

Looking at these on-the-job trainees, I can say that they are very blessed to experience work first hand before graduating from college. I always say that to them.


Tall buildings, sands, life experiences and homecoming



Here’s a thing, I promised myself not to write a blog post about my journey to the middle east. But here I am staring to my laptop and about to start breaking that promise.

I was full of myself. I was the king of my own world. Life is not what it seems to be for me, it hit me hard and I took a heavy fall.

In the first week of 2016, after I successfully resigned from my work in Makati, I spend my time working on my documents to go abroad and meeting with friends, going out for a drink, attending a mini high school reunion and watching my favorite band before I fly to Dubai. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, it is proven so many times before, and before I knew it, the day of departure arrives. Only a handful of people know that I’m going out of the country. I keep it that way, no despedida parties, no tears to shed because I know to myself that I’ll be back… Early.

The promise of a much greener pasture. That is what keeps on running in my head as I board the plane. I said to myself that I need to grit my teeth on whatever comes my way when I get there. But life is much tougher than I expected. The shit is going to hit the fan.

My first month is more like a tourist month. Getting familiar with the land, learning the culture, the laws, and going to beautiful places around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Experiencing what is like to be in a foreign land and what is like to live there.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a work of art, near or far.

Malls bigger than the biggest mall in the Philippines, making Mall of Asia look like a common supermarket there. A mall with a big aquarium inside and a mall with an indoor ski resort. Every modern piece of architectural art is there. The perks of being a first world country.


Sports cars are everywhere. Ferrari, Camaro, Dodge, Corvette, Lamborghini,  Rolce Royce, Audi, McLaren, Bugatti, any sports car you can probably think of is there and they are not parked in some grand showroom, but instead, they are parked in the streets.

Laws are strictly observed and followed. The public transportation is so good even the royalty rides the metro.

First Lesson : Never compare other country to your home country, because it will get you frustrated overtime.

From the moment I got there, everything is different: the landscape, the people, infrastructure, government, everything is different. In every turn of the head there is something good to see and something to compare to my home country. For every comparison I made, the more I get frustrated. So I stopped comparing, instead I learn to appreciate the differences.

Before the month ends I travel to Oman because I need to exit from Dubai in order to process new visa. My short stay in Oman proved a lot of things about being an Overseas Filipino Worker.

Second Lesson: You never know what is like, unless you experience it first hand.

The struggle is very real, even this very moment, my body still remembers the feeling of travelling for almost 12 hours by land.

This the first time I’m traveling alone and in a foreign land. Without someone to rely on but myself. The fear is there, but I told myself “You need this. It’s part of your life journey.”

Indeed my 5 day stay there is very worthwhile.

A lot of Filipinos are exiting to Dubai in order to process their new visa. I met a lot of kababayans from all walks of life during that trip. Kish Island is closed for exiting due to some problems occurred during that time, so all of the people who are trying to go out from Dubai are diverted to Oman. Luckily, our group belong to the early batch of people who entered Oman during that time.

Third Lesson : You gotta be smart to survive and make do with what you have.

It is important to be street smart during the trip. My budget is very limited and I need to maximize it in order to survive. I carefully pick the person I go with during the trip, so during the bus ride. I talked to a lot of people inside the bus in order for me to familiarize with them and analyze their behavior so that I’ll know who to go with in case something wrong happen. Survivor Reality TV.

When we got out of the bus, a lot of people started to form their own group. I had a hard time choosing who to go with, and where to stay. Because of that I ended up banding with a group of rowdy looking men. Eric, Kuya Jon, Mark, Kuya Aldin, Stephen and Kuya Fidel. I thought that I made a big mistake during that time, but I can proudly say that it was the best decision I made during that trip. They were my best buds during that the trip and even today.

We are the wolf pack, we are the rowdy guys from row 4 of the class. The A-Team of that trip. The best team.

We are having a hard time finding a good room to stay because all of the room are occupied and some of the rooms are filthy and bedbug-infested. Stephen muscled the caretaker and he ordered him to give us a good room to stay in. The caretaker knew what we want and immediately lead us to a unoccupied room. A freshly cleaned room.Eureka! after a long ride we can finally settle down and rest. The battle is not yet over.

Internet is very vital. We need to be always updated about our visa application status or else we’ll be stuck there for a long time and that is not an option for us.

The problem? The internet router is only allowed 6 gadgets to connected to the internet. I know I have to do something about it, I need to access the router and change its configuration. I accessed the router page to my laptop and luckily the administrator username and password is set to its default settings and I changed the configuration so that the whole place can access the internet without any problem. I distributed the bandwidth and make a dedicated wifi hotspot for our room. For 5 days straight, we have internet without problem. talking about being resourceful eh?

Fourth Lesson: Pinoys will always be Pinoy everywhere you go.

There, I’ve said it like everybody else. Pinoys are always Pinoy. Some of it might be on a positive light but just like the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Every Filipino knows and some foreigners too. We are always smiling and positive about almost everything while other people is pessimistic, we like to share everything, even our own misery. Some Filipinos are too boastful to the point you want to put your knee to their face. Pinoy Pride is a double edge sword especially when you are outside of your country.  I won’t explain this further, some people might know what I’m talking about Pinoys and other nationalities.

Fast forward to 2017. A lot of things happened, I finally landed a new job here in Makati after a year of being bum. I can say that my adventure in the land of sand, oil and gold didn’t go well, but I am happy for the lessons I learned there.

It took me a year to finally publish this post because I don’t feel like finishing this entry for sometime. Also I forgot some of the things I want to write back then but maybe I’ll remember it and update this entry.










makati PBCOM

Bagong taon bagong trabaho

makati PBCOM


Unang entry para sa taon na ito sa pangalawang buwan. Sinuwerte ng kaunti na makapasok sa bagong kumpanya. Medyo pukpukan ang trabaho pero ayos lang, walang kaso yun, sanay naman na ako sa ganung environment. Pag katapos ng isang taong pagiging tambay at bantay ng sari-sari store sa bahay, nag katrabaho din.


Maiksi lang muna sa ngayon ang post ko. wala ako maisip na ikuwento sa ngayon siguro sa mga susunod na araw may maisip ako na magandang isulat, pero sa ngayon solb na muna ako dito.

Diamond: in a world full of fake glasses



I that a designer brand of clothes you wearing?

How much money do you have in your ATM?

Do you live in a luxurious house?

Do you have a fancy car?

Do you chill at a 5 star hotel in the weekend?

Is that Rolex in your wrist?

Is that the new iPhone you have there?

Are you going to a party all night long with lots of random rich people?

Are you the CEO, Boss, Manager, Team Leader at your work?

Are you friends with a celebrity, politician, or someone famous?

If you answer those questions with a thunderous YES….. Can you be my friend?

I promise to be at your side always.

In good times. Oh I’ll be there even if you don’t want me to.

Maybe in bad times.. As long as you pay for the drinks or else, fuck off. I’m busy with my other rich friends.

I won’t reply to your messages in case you need me, instead I’ll message you if I need help.

I’ll be a diamond in a world full of fake glasses. Well if you hand me cash that is.

You’ll be my personal bank, whenever I need money. And you have to call in time of my need coz I need you.

If ever the time come that

You wear cheap clothes.

Your bank account is depleted.

You lost your job.

You move to a cheap apartment

You walk because you sell you fancy car.

You can’t afford to stay in a 5 star hotel.

You wear a cheap watch.

You can’t afford the new iPhone.

You prefer to stay home and  watch TV reruns coz you can’t afford going out like you used to.

You lost your job position and work status.

You only know famous people, celebrities and politician coz they appear on TV.

I’ll be gone with the wind. Pretend that you and I never known each other. We are strangers.

Be on good or bad times? Your on your own now. So fuck off.

Because my existence belongs to a world where everything shines, glitters, full of attention and cash ever flowing.

I’m your fake diamond.

In a world full of fake glasses.