Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom Pain Release Date Announced!

metal gear solid v phantom pain


For the love of all that is good! Finally after 3 years, the release date of this highly anticipated game is out. IGN accidentally released the video early this morning (maybe part of heightening the hype) and taken it down immediately after the leak. the video contains the world wide release date of Phantom Pain. Kept us waiting for a long time huh?


phantom pain release date

Yes boys and girls, the release is set on September 1, 2015. I’m sure MGS fans can’t wait to play this.  Kojima and Konami kept us waiting and they will intend to keep us waiting for another 7 months. Three years is a long wait, maybe another six months won’t hurt us eh?

I've been waiting for this pain

“Yep Grey Fox we feel you! we are also waiting for this pain to be announced.”


After being satisfied playing Ground Zeroes (though it is really damn short for a game) and it’s side missions, I’m gearing myself to play this game, but for now I’ll get my own copy of Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, since I don’t have a copy yet! (I’m a big fan of MGS series and I still don’t have a copy of this collection! I’m ashamed LOL!)


I still want to hear David Hayter’s voice as Snake. Maybe Solid Snake will make an appearance in MGS : Phantom Pain! Wishful thinking!!! *cross fingers*



Metal Gear Rising PC Version : On Progress


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There you have it PC Gamers, Updates about “Jack the Ripper on PC” was posted in the official fanpage of MGR and we will be expecting it to be available in our local game store anytime soon. Based on the Fanpage of Metal Gear Rising :

‘Rising PC version looking good, even the shadow looks beautiful.’

So we are expecting that this game will be hardware demanding, and for those who don’t want their game to be played on minimum requirements, you better upgrade your system or you won’t be fully enjoying slashing your way through this game.

I played this game last week in my PS3, thanks to my friend who let me borrow his copy of the game, I gotta admit, I’m pretty hooked to this game and finished it in about 8 hrs (pretty slow in Normal Mode huh 😛 ) and I want to try the Revengance mode thoroughly but sadly I had to give it back to my friend because somebody will borrow it next . I hope I can play this game in PC version and hopefully I can play it the Very Hard Mode and Revengance Mode.

And I’d like to experience playing the game with the infamous FOX BLADE. I heard that the blade was the most badass weapon in MGR. (Though I really love the Armor Breaker Blade and Muramasa.)

Final Fantasy XV offers more interactive gaming


I’ve been a long time Final Fantasy fanatic and I’m really excited about the new interactivity that the Square-Enix team put on the new Final Fantasy XV.

Tetsuya Nomura said in a video interview that the previous installments of the game used pre-rendered videos and in this latest Final Fantasy the player will have the ability to play it in real time because of the new hardware that they are using.

“These scenes are in real-time, too. Also, we’re stressing the importance of speed in battle. Because this game is action-based, we’re doing our best to stay away from situations where the character doesn’t have control. Enemies and allies alike will move around, and fighting within the speedy progression of battle is what makes this Final Fantasy different from previous installments.”

Based on my observation from the video above, the gameplay reminds me of Final Fantasy XIII where the player controls the main character and the other characters are moving freely as well as the enemies roam around more like an Action type RPG and thus we say good bye to the old Active Time Battle (ATB) System that the game franchise was known for.

Some FF fans may say that the game may suck because of the new battle system and they won’t feel the “Final Fantasy Feel”. That maybe true, but I’m really looking forward on playing it on the new PS4 console in the future.


MU Continent of Legend Philippines : 6 Years Later

Illumina’s E-sorcerer

It’s been Six years.

Yes, its been that long and its almost like yesterday,when I started playing  MU: Continent of Legend Philippines. Back then it was the only MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that stood equal against Level Up’s Philippine Ragnarok Online.. Ahh those were the days.

I was a Ragnarok Online player back in the late 2004 who is quitting because I’m beginning to get bored with the game and decided to play another online game. There were  a lot of online games available that time and I’m kinda confused what to play next.

One day, Rudolf  a very good friend of mine suggest that I should play MU Online because it looks like Diablo 2 (though I’m not a fan of Diablo 2). At first I’m kinda skeptical about the game and decided that I’ll watch him play the game first and then I’ll decide whether I’ll play the game or look for another one.

We decided to go to  then our favorite MU-han (much more like our home base back in the day) computer shop JNB. To my surprise, I saw familiar faces, Jonjon and Rex who also plays MU and they also encourage me to play to and join the guild Illumina. Rudolf gave me his second MU account and told me that I should play the Dark Wizard character that is already created in that account so that I won’t go the hassles of creating an account and a character.

The long journey to greatness and supremacy in the game began and its is yet to be fulfilled, until this very moment.

For the succeeding years,  its a part of our daily life. After school hours we go straight to the computer shop and try our might with other players and monsters.  We met a lot of wonder people around and interact with them both online and in reality.  We never knew that professional people play also the game. Architects, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses etc., we thought that students like us back then only play the game battling each other to the alternate world for supremacy and glory.  It was a massive and epic battle between all walks of life and we are drawn to it. It was a great escape from reality. Swords, Staffs and Bows clashed in every battle, skills and magic cast to each other for the sake of victory. Different character builds, suitable for a certain type of weaponry and skills. these are the things matter in the game. It may not look that way, but it’s also a game of mind where you strategize every attack and defense you initiate. For victory and pride we risk everything for those reason.

But in every battle, there are allies who can’t go on, but the battle must go on, someone must raise swords and continue to fight. The reality is catching up to the fictional world and before we knew it, its right infront of us, It’s  inevitable. We are forced to put down our swords, staffs and bows and put in our vaults. Though it may not seem an issue, playing the game hurts financially. You need to buy gametime in order to enjoy the game.  Other problems were building up while we are busy playing the game and we are almost overwhelmed.

We stopped playing in order to focus our attention to more important things, personal and academic. Time passed we didn’t noticed it.

Year 2011.

Again, the one  who incourage me to play the game convinced me to play it once more. For the sake of good old times.

There are many things changed since we left, a merged server, different players, the marketplace, new weapons and armors, all are different. the people we once knew are gone. some of them quit playing the game and decided to play another game, others quit the game to become full pledge parents (ate renzalc), and others we don’t know what happened after they quit playing. I hope they are all in good condition.

Nakakalungkot makita ang laro na kinagiliwan at kinaadikan namin noon na mawalan ng sigla, yung sigla na mayroon noon. Siguro dahil na din sa dami ng mga laro na nagkalat sa internet. halos lahat ay free to play.

Sinasabi nga nila noon na ang larong Ragnarok Online at MU Philippines ay larong pangmayaman lang dahil para makapaglaro ka eh kailangan mo mag load o magbayad ng game time. Kung iisipin mo mas masarap maglaro ng mga laro na hindi na kinakailangan magbayad ng game time.

At ang sobrang tagal na pag uupdate ng version ng game. Isa ito sa mga matinding rason bakit tinabangan ang mga tao sa paglalaro ng MU,sa sobrang tagal ng pangakong update eh umalis na ang kanilang mga parokyano at nag laro na lang ng ibang online game na mas maganda at palagiang nag uupdate. hindi pinatatagal ang pag uupdate ng ilang taon, kada buwan ay merong update.

Ako naman, bakit nga ba ako mag lalaro ulit ng MU sa kabila ng mga nasabi ko? Siguro dahil sa mga naging investment ko sa laro, past time, maraming masasayang alaala, masarap maki pag tagisan ng lakas dito. t ayoko na maglaro ng ibang Online game bukod dito. sapat na siguro yun. nag try ako maglaro ng online games pero iisa pa din talaga ang binabalik balikan ko.. dito ako enjoy talaga sa lahat ng online game na nalaro ko. MU yon.


I know the journey to greatness and supremacy will be lonely from now on, I may falter at times but someday… I’ll reach it.


“Bago ka magmahal magbayad ka muna ng mga utang mo” – Emer to Rudolf  ( Habang kasama sila Jonjon at Rex sa tapat ng Omicron Computer Shop)


Street Fighter : Ano nga ba ang naging parte nito sa buhay ko?

Anic Fooo!!!! Ayan ang madalas na sabihin namin mag kakaibigan nuon nung magsimulang mauso ang mga arcade fighting game dito sa pinas nung 90’s. Pero san nga ba namin nakuhang laro ang salitang “Anic foo!”?

Nakuha namin ang salita na yun sa boses ng isang character ng Street Fighter, Si Guile, isang machong kano na may kakaibang buhok na itsurang nakatayong buhok ng mais. Kapag ginagamit na nia ang kanyang move na Sonic Boom ayun ang naririnig namin, porket mga bata pa eh ayun ang pag kakarinig namin.  Kung anu ang pag kakarinig sya ring sambit.

Bukod sa pag lalaro ng mga street games tulad ng patintero, syato, black 123, agawan base,agawan ng yaman, bahay bahayan(hubad-hubaran, yari-yarian), langit-lupa im-im-impyerno, at iba pang pinoy street games, karamihan sa mga kabataan noon  ay nahuhumaling sa mga video games na in-introduced ng mga malls sa mga batang katulad namin nuong 90’s. Ang sikat na sikat na laro nuon sa Bidyuhan pronounced as “videohan” (eto ang pinaka madalas na tawag sa arcade house/stations sa Pinas) eh ung Street Fighter 2..

Mag hulog ng token ( 3 pesos pa noon ), pindutin ang start button, mamili ng pambato mong character at makipag bugbugan ka sa mga kalaban hanggang sa matapos mo ang laro.. ayan ang game mechanics ng Street Fighter.. paulit-ulit man ang proseso kung papansinin, palong palo yang laro na yan sa panlasa ng mga kabataan noon at hanggang ngayon.

Marami akong kagaguhan na nagawa nang dahil lang sa pag lalaro ng Street Fighter. Nandyan yung mag cu-cut class, tiisin ang gutom, mangupit at higit sa lahat magpalibre sa kaibigan. Dumarating din sa punto na napapaaway din ako at ang aking tropa ng dahil lang sa pag lalaro nito. Iba-ibang dahilan; dinaya, hindi nag pa mercy round, nasiko habang naglalaro, na suntok  habang nag lalaro, kinikilan habang nag lalaro, at ang matindi dinuraan habang nag lalaro. Hindi pa tapos ang paglalaro eh, para kaming mga characters ng laro na nag ro-royal rumble sa harap ng acrade.

Matagal din ako tumigil sa pag lalaro ng arcade simula nung nakastigo ako ng aking mga magulang dahil sa pag kagumon ko sa nasabing laro.  Mga ilang taon din akong nanunuod lang sa mga nag lalaro ng Street Fighter. Maraming bersyon ng laro ang lumabas.. Champion Edition (yung may haduk-hadouken), Super Street Fighter II : New Challengers(bagong labas si Dee Jay, Cammy, T-Hawk at Fei-Long), Super Street Fighter II Turbo : New Challenger (bagong labas si Akuma dito nuon.) hanggang sa mag iba ang game engine ng konti at napunta sa Street Fighter Zero 1-3, Street Fighter EX 1-3, Street Fighter III: Third Impact at eto na nga ang huli Street Fighter IV.

Sa bawat laro nandun parin ang mga lumang techniques at combo na madalas na ginagawa.. kung dati eh hindi mo pwedeng dugtungan ang mga combo ngayon eh pwede mo na pakainin nang sangkaterbang moves ang mga kalaban mo hanggang sa maubos ang life meter at manalo ka.

Pag daan ng panahon lalong humirap ang pag lalaro ng SF sa kadahilanang maraming gustong sumubok ng iyong kakayanan at ipahiya ka sa madlang nanunuod sa harap ng wide screen SUPER MEGALO.. kinakailangan ng diskarte,  trash talking, at maraming oras na pag lalaro para lang maperpekto ang pamatay mong mga combo.

Sa tinagal tagal ko na nag lalaro dumating din sa punto na tinanung ko ang aking sarili kung worthed nga ba ang mag tapon ng pera sa larong ito. Mag kahalong mga sagot ang pumasok sa isip ko; Una: hindi na sya worthed kasi marami nang oras ang nasasayang na pwede naman ilaan sa mas makabuluhang bagay. Pangalawa: Oo, worthed pa sya laruin dahil dun ko lang nadarama ung kakaibang thrill na makipag basagan ng mukha sa kapwa mo katunggali. Pero nangibabaw pa rin ang ang unang sagot, sa panahon ngaun kailangan mag tipid at gumawa ng bagay na kapakipakinabang sa oras na sinasayang ko.

Pag nagagawi ako sa mga Bidyuhan nag lalaro pa rin ako pero di na katulad ng dati. maka gastos lang ako ng sapat at di masakit sa bulsa ay sakto na ako.. ang mahalaga eh yung masayahan ako sa pag lalaro..

kaya sa susunod na makita ninyo man ako na nag lalaro ng arcade game sa mga mall wag kayo mahiya na tumabi sakin, mag hulog ng token at kalabanin ako. makakatikim lang naman kayo ng Anic FOO!!