The view of 2017


Landing a job on the first month, failing love story, a period of silence, the touch of darkness, fall from grace for a month, landing a job for the 2nd time, the good stuff, the good company, where I stand today, and what I look forward.


Landing a job on the first month

2016 is not a good year for me, those were trying times, failed adventure in the land of sands, going back empty handed but with a lot of experience points in life. Depression locks me inside my room for 6 months, afraid of further failures to come my way. I stood up thanks to my family, friends and old flame. The start of 2017 is pretty good for me, new job, new friends, new adventures, new pain in the ass. It was all good until it lasted

Failing love story

This gotta be one of the biggest fails. The flame died out. I fall out of love and I don’t know why, and I didn’t bother. I lived my life as if nothing happened. I still carry a heavy baggage up to this day I write this down. I admit, I’m not the best partner but I tried, believe me I tried but I guess it’s not enough. I have failed you, sorry.

A period of silence

I’ve gone hermit mode once again, I secluded myself from my friends, I was available online but not physically. I avoid going out and opted staying indoors and lay in my bed during weekends. Work-Home is the usual pattern and in the weekends, its me, my bed and my laptop.

The touch of darkness

Dark times ahead! Someone is plotting against me, I can sense the disturbance in the force. I acted ahead of time and planted seeds, so it might benefit me after they are done with me. (actually, I sent my CV to different companies and taken some interviews) The darkness grasp is strong, and the worm tongue extends her power and the fellowship is in the dire straits.

Fall from grace for a month

It was a Friday afternoon, Mother’s birthday, the rain is pouring hard as if they sense the dreaded news ahead of me. The corruption spreads to the roots and they painted me with the wrong picture after I vent my side. They decided to let me go. I saw it coming. I fall from grace with a big grin in my face like a villain because I know what lies ahead of me. Salvation.

Landing a job for the second time

A month has passed since my fall from grace. Those days are bittersweet, the hardships come to fruition, I got a new job, my second salvo this year, my strike back in life. Positive to what may come to me during the final stretch of the year.

The good stuff, the good company

Perhaps the heavens got tired of giving me trials for all my life and it decided to give me something good for a change. Finally, a company who is better than the previous ones. Great bosses, great clients, great working environment, new friends, a lot of good things to say. I’m loving it.

Where I stand today, and what I look forward

After the series of ups and downs in my life, I stand on a not so tall building. I’m yet to see the full horizon on the top. I’ll keep on climbing and enjoy the journey to the new heights and valleys of my life.

Here’s to the upcoming year. Cheers mates!


I have the high ground

I hate to teach someone. This much is true up until this very moment I’m writing this. When I heard I was gonna mentor someone, a series of flashback played in my mind about my experience in teaching. The last one bites like a snake.  Ever since that fateful day, I started to hate it and vow not to teach again if there’s nothing in it to me.

I don’t ask anything in return if I teach someone, what I want to see is to see them do it on their own and eventually do it perfectly. If I see them succeed, that’s fine. Even if they don’t thank me for teaching them, at least they should give me a proper respect I deserve not as a mentor, but as a typical human being.

I know that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, so why am I the one tasked to teach someone? Usually I teach because it is part of my work. I teach on-the-job trainees on how to do my work so that they could help me lessen my workload. It yield me good results for the most part because of the less workload, more time for other task and I got the time to know them personally.

What really ticks me off when teaching is after I teach someone; they tend to get on their high horse and starting to boast about their so-called self acquired skills. Their head is so full with air they even step on the ones teach them.

Because of that I really loathe mentoring someone. I became skeptical and doubtful on the people who want to learn from me. I distanced myself to those who want me to become their teacher.  I usually act grumpy, not smiling and become unapproachable.

It worked for me for the longest time. Less stress and I could care less about the people around me.

I looked back when I was in college. I never had the chance to be one.

Back in my college days, I never get to experienced being an OJT,  back then instead of going to numerous companies to apply for an on the job trainee position ( I don’t know the exact term for that) we are subjected to elective subjects and conduct our own seminars and attend numerous seminars to compensate for not having an OJT.

What happened to me? After graduating college and entering the so called “real world” I was overwhelmed by the work. It took me a couple of months to adjust to a foreign environment of the real world.  Thanks to those who trained me and helped me become the person I am today.

After reminiscing about the past, I had a slight change of heart. I can’t control their attitude but I can control what I can teach them. So that’s what I did.

Every time an OJT or a person throws a fit to me while I’m teaching them, I teach them less. I let them do the task on their own. If they fail or had a hard time doing the task, it’s their fault. I wouldn’t waste my time teaching someone who doesn’t control their bloated ego and don’t respect others.

Looking at these on-the-job trainees, I can say that they are very blessed to experience work first hand before graduating from college. I always say that to them.


Tall buildings, sands, life experiences and homecoming



Here’s a thing, I promised myself not to write a blog post about my journey to the middle east. But here I am staring to my laptop and about to start breaking that promise.

I was full of myself. I was the king of my own world. Life is not what it seems to be for me, it hit me hard and I took a heavy fall.

In the first week of 2016, after I successfully resigned from my work in Makati, I spend my time working on my documents to go abroad and meeting with friends, going out for a drink, attending a mini high school reunion and watching my favorite band before I fly to Dubai. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, it is proven so many times before, and before I knew it, the day of departure arrives. Only a handful of people know that I’m going out of the country. I keep it that way, no despedida parties, no tears to shed because I know to myself that I’ll be back… Early.

The promise of a much greener pasture. That is what keeps on running in my head as I board the plane. I said to myself that I need to grit my teeth on whatever comes my way when I get there. But life is much tougher than I expected. The shit is going to hit the fan.

My first month is more like a tourist month. Getting familiar with the land, learning the culture, the laws, and going to beautiful places around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Experiencing what is like to be in a foreign land and what is like to live there.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a work of art, near or far.

Malls bigger than the biggest mall in the Philippines, making Mall of Asia look like a common supermarket there. A mall with a big aquarium inside and a mall with an indoor ski resort. Every modern piece of architectural art is there. The perks of being a first world country.


Sports cars are everywhere. Ferrari, Camaro, Dodge, Corvette, Lamborghini,  Rolce Royce, Audi, McLaren, Bugatti, any sports car you can probably think of is there and they are not parked in some grand showroom, but instead, they are parked in the streets.

Laws are strictly observed and followed. The public transportation is so good even the royalty rides the metro.

First Lesson : Never compare other country to your home country, because it will get you frustrated overtime.

From the moment I got there, everything is different: the landscape, the people, infrastructure, government, everything is different. In every turn of the head there is something good to see and something to compare to my home country. For every comparison I made, the more I get frustrated. So I stopped comparing, instead I learn to appreciate the differences.

Before the month ends I travel to Oman because I need to exit from Dubai in order to process new visa. My short stay in Oman proved a lot of things about being an Overseas Filipino Worker.

Second Lesson: You never know what is like, unless you experience it first hand.

The struggle is very real, even this very moment, my body still remembers the feeling of travelling for almost 12 hours by land.

This the first time I’m traveling alone and in a foreign land. Without someone to rely on but myself. The fear is there, but I told myself “You need this. It’s part of your life journey.”

Indeed my 5 day stay there is very worthwhile.

A lot of Filipinos are exiting to Dubai in order to process their new visa. I met a lot of kababayans from all walks of life during that trip. Kish Island is closed for exiting due to some problems occurred during that time, so all of the people who are trying to go out from Dubai are diverted to Oman. Luckily, our group belong to the early batch of people who entered Oman during that time.

Third Lesson : You gotta be smart to survive and make do with what you have.

It is important to be street smart during the trip. My budget is very limited and I need to maximize it in order to survive. I carefully pick the person I go with during the trip, so during the bus ride. I talked to a lot of people inside the bus in order for me to familiarize with them and analyze their behavior so that I’ll know who to go with in case something wrong happen. Survivor Reality TV.

When we got out of the bus, a lot of people started to form their own group. I had a hard time choosing who to go with, and where to stay. Because of that I ended up banding with a group of rowdy looking men. Eric, Kuya Jon, Mark, Kuya Aldin, Stephen and Kuya Fidel. I thought that I made a big mistake during that time, but I can proudly say that it was the best decision I made during that trip. They were my best buds during that the trip and even today.

We are the wolf pack, we are the rowdy guys from row 4 of the class. The A-Team of that trip. The best team.

We are having a hard time finding a good room to stay because all of the room are occupied and some of the rooms are filthy and bedbug-infested. Stephen muscled the caretaker and he ordered him to give us a good room to stay in. The caretaker knew what we want and immediately lead us to a unoccupied room. A freshly cleaned room.Eureka! after a long ride we can finally settle down and rest. The battle is not yet over.

Internet is very vital. We need to be always updated about our visa application status or else we’ll be stuck there for a long time and that is not an option for us.

The problem? The internet router is only allowed 6 gadgets to connected to the internet. I know I have to do something about it, I need to access the router and change its configuration. I accessed the router page to my laptop and luckily the administrator username and password is set to its default settings and I changed the configuration so that the whole place can access the internet without any problem. I distributed the bandwidth and make a dedicated wifi hotspot for our room. For 5 days straight, we have internet without problem. talking about being resourceful eh?

Fourth Lesson: Pinoys will always be Pinoy everywhere you go.

There, I’ve said it like everybody else. Pinoys are always Pinoy. Some of it might be on a positive light but just like the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Every Filipino knows and some foreigners too. We are always smiling and positive about almost everything while other people is pessimistic, we like to share everything, even our own misery. Some Filipinos are too boastful to the point you want to put your knee to their face. Pinoy Pride is a double edge sword especially when you are outside of your country.  I won’t explain this further, some people might know what I’m talking about Pinoys and other nationalities.

Fast forward to 2017. A lot of things happened, I finally landed a new job here in Makati after a year of being bum. I can say that my adventure in the land of sand, oil and gold didn’t go well, but I am happy for the lessons I learned there.

It took me a year to finally publish this post because I don’t feel like finishing this entry for sometime. Also I forgot some of the things I want to write back then but maybe I’ll remember it and update this entry.










Shit storm


As I write this blog post, I’m currently shirtless and stationed at our sari-sari store. Why shirtless? Because it is hot. No, I’m not hot, the weather is. Looking at the noisy high school students passing by our store

It’s been a while since I written a blog post and I am sure that my writing style is a bit rusty. A lot of things happened during the past few months. Failed job applications, mishaps and a lot of bad things happened. Basically the shit hit the fan.

When the wheel of fortune takes you to the bottom, that’s where you see the perfect perspective of life. I hit rock bottom this time, and when I looked up, the long way up is there welcoming me again with new obstacles in place. The path I took before is gone, and another path takes its place, more treacherous and hard as hell. I don’t know if I can walk the path again. I’m having doubts with myself this time.

Failure can get you succumb to depression. I can’t deny that. I’m victim. Looking back to the good old times also added fuel to the depression. I feel like a stupid piece of shit looking back where I had almost all of it. I am the king of my own damn world. I never bothered to step down to my high horse.

What a piece shit I am.

Picking up the pieces of me is really hard; the fall was too hard for me and it broke me into little pieces. I swallowed my pride before the fall so I left with nothing when I came down.

The drama keeps on playing and I cannot stop it, I’m in the middle of the shit storm and it keeps on whirling. I am overwhelmed. The armor I don is gone. What’s left is my shallow shell.

When I came to my senses, two months has passed, “What the fuck happened?” I lost precious time. What a waste.

The nightmare is nearly over.

The wheel starts to move and I need to get back on my feet so that I can grab to the wheel again to go up.

A lot of lessons learned during this time and I intend to keep it, and whatever lessons I get along the way I will carry it to the top.


Paano Nangyari Yon?

Head in Hands


Nakakalungkot, nakakainis, at kung anu-ano pang negatibong reaksyon ang pwedeng masabi sa panahon na ito dahil sa sobrang daming bullshit na nasa paligid. Ano nga bang meron sa panahon na ito bakit tila yata bumaliktad ang mundo? Sa dami ng impormasyon na binibigay ng makabagong teknolohiya, tila lalo yatang naging mangmang ang mga mamamayan, tama nagiging mali, ang mali nagiging tama ang baluktot ay naitutuwid.

Gusto ko lang magsulat ng kung ano ang nasa isip ko, baka kasi may mag sabi na nag papasikat lang ako at nag papapansin para tumaas ang bilang ng bumibisita sa blog ko. Wala ako balak sumikat, mabasa ninyo ang sinulat ko, oo, sana mabasa ninyo.

Nakakainis, dahil sa bawat araw na lang na tumitingin ako sa social media madalas ako nakakakita ng mga video, larawan at mga komento na parang hindi pinag isipan o talagang hindi nag iisip. Dahil sa panahon ngayon, sumisikat ang mga nag po-post ng kanilang kabalbalan sa social media. Isang araw na lang magugulat ka na may panayam na sila sa telebisyon, yung iba nailalathala pa yata sa pahayagan. (kung hindi man sa dyaryo nailalathala siguro sa mga blog na patungkol sa Entertainment)

Naging kultura na ito ng makabagong panahon. Isang signos ng marami pang paparating na ikasasakit ng ulo.

Puno ng impormasyon ang internet, dahil dito tila yata wala nang gustong mag isip, magsuri at mag analisa ng mga bagay bagay sa social media. kung ano ang pinipresinta sa kanilang harapan, kinukunsumo na lang nila ng walang tanong at walang pag iisip dahil iyon ang pamantayan sa kasalukuyan.

Double edge sword ang abundance ng kaalaman: marami ang nahihikayat matuto, at marami ding tinatamad matuto.

Noon pag dating sa pag bibigay ng aliw sa harap ng telebisyon,radyo, o pelikula kailangan may talino sa bawat ng salita, may ka-kengkoyan sa pag galaw, expression ng mukha at lalim sa pag ganap. Substance with form. Ngayon, itsura na lang ang mayroon, form without substance.

The tried and tested formula, yun na lang palagi, ayaw sumubok ng bago dahil natatakot na hindi tangkilikin ng masa ang bagong formula. mukha mang bago, iniba lang ang angulo. lumang sapatos, ibang tao.

Mukhang sa pagpanaw ng mga batikang aktor at aktres ay nadala na nila sa hukay, may napamanahan ng sining, iilan lang ang nag papatuloy, ang karamihan isinantabi na at nilagay na din sa ataol.
Wag din magtaka kung ganun din sa industriya ng musika, lumang kanta, bagong mang aawit, foreign musician, walang ka latuy-latoy na kanta, paulit ulit lang ang lyrics hanggang matapos ang tatlong minuto, ang iba di pa maintindihan ang lyrics basta maganda ang tono ayos na.

Ang pinaka masaklap dito, may dumagdag na isa pang klasipikasyon na sa hindi maipaliwanag na pag kakataon ay sumisikat :di marunong umawit pero pumapatok. Punyeta.

Nandiyan ang mga talentadong mang aawit, musikero na may bagong konsepto, bagong awit, may katuturan, ang kaso di naman nasusuportahan ang ending? wala talo. Bukas makalawa makakakita ka na lang ng isang dokumentaryo tungkol sa estado ng mga musikero na lubog sa kahirapan. konting abot ng tulong ngayon, bukas limot na ulit, nilipad na ng hangin. Patuloy pa din na maririnig ang kanilang kanta sa radyo, youtube, at music player. Iba na ang kumakanta at pinag kakakitaan ng iba.
Dahil bobo ang demand, bobo din ang supply. Equivalent rate yun. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi pwedeng bobo ang demand, talino ang supply. unequal hindi mag kakaroon ng magandang equation, mag papataasan lang ng ere, hihilain lang nila ang isa’t isa sa magkaibang direksyon, ang ending? walang posibilidad na ending, yung talino mabobo, yung bobo tatalino, may ibang makikiayon na lang sa kung ano ang laman, may ibang mawawalan ng pakialam.

Sa huli mauuwi lang sa pag tatalo na kung ano ang nauna itlog ba o manok.

Salute to those who fell in battle




Nakakainis isipin na sa ganito lang masasawi ang mga pinag pipitagang Special Action Force ng PNP. Marami nag tuturuan kung sino ang nag utos na ituloy ang operasyon, ultimo ang pinuno ng bansa ay mas inuna pa ang pag attend sa inagurasyon ng planta sa Laguna kesa ang salubungin ang mga labi ng mga nasawing myembro ng PNP-SAF galing sa madugong engkwentro sa Maguindanao.

Marami nang dumating na pasakit sa bayan nating ina ngayon. sunod-sunod na pag hagupit ng bagyo, at ngayon heto, mga tagapagtanggol ng bayan naman ang nag buwis ng buhay. nakakawalang gana na makakita ng ganitong balita.

Ang lalong nakakapaginit ng ulo dito ay yung mga nasa pwesto, tila wala silang pakialam sa nangyayari sa bayan natin, nag punta sa pinangyarihan, nag salita ng kaunti, wala namang gawa. bwisit lang.

Kailangan natin talaga ng pagbabago sa ating bansa. tama na ang sobrang panonood ng tv sa hapon at gabi ng mga pantasya at drama na nag h-hypnotize at nag babaling ng tingin sa mga mas importanteng isyu ng ating bansa. masyado nang maraming dugo ang dumanak na hindi nakikita ng nakakarami dahil sa mga dibersyon na ito.

Para sa mga myembro ng PNP-SAF, isang pagpupugay para sa inyo, saludo at pasasalamat sa pinamalas ninyong katapangan at pag sunod sa tawag ng tungkulin, Wala man na kayo sa piling ng inyong pamilya, kaibigan, at bansa na inyong pinagsilbihan ay sigurado namang nasa piling na kayo ng poong maykapal.


Maraming Salamat!

My Two Cents About The Unsolicited Two Cents on Lourd de Veyra’s Open Letter to Vic Sotto


Umagang-umaga habang ako ay nag kakape ay may nakita ako na shinare sa facebook na link ng blog patungkol diumano’y unsolicited two cents sa Open Letter ni Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra kay Bossing Vic Sotto. Sa unang basa ko pa lang ay hindi ko naiwasan na madismaya sa “Two Cents” ng blogger na ito.

Una kong napansin ang ginamit na salita nia sa pangalawang paragraph ng kanyang blog. “ ikinatalino at ikinalalim ng pagkatao” Oh dyusko, makikita mo naman sa plain sight na hindi nag papaka deep si Lourd sa sulat na iyon bagkus eh, isa yong liham ng pakiusap, kritisismo at hiling ng isang fan ni Bossing.

Kung iyong babasahin ulit ang liham na iyon at iintindihing mabuti, gusto ng 3-time Palanca award receipent na iparating kay Bossing ang hinaing niya sa pangkasalukuyang  estado ng industrya ng pelikula dito sa Pilipinas.  I guess hindi mo nakita yun kasi masyado kang fixated at close minded sa pag criticize sa mga sinabi ni Lourd de Veyra.

Sabi mo nga din wala kang balak panuorin ang pelikulang iyon at hindi ka fan ni bossing. Try mo lang manuod ng isang pelikula ni Bossing o ibang pelikula na kalahok sa mga nakaraang Manila Film Festival at malalaman mo kung bakit napasulat si Lourd de Veyra ng ganong liham (criticism).

Mabalik tayo sa usapan at mapunta sa hinighlight mo na sinabi ni Lourd “Ang tagal mo nang kumikita, Bossing. Malaki-laki na rin ang naibigay sa iyo ng taumbayan. Oras na siguro para sila ay suklian. Magbalik ka naman.”  Sa aking palagay hindi siya nag presume at nakialam sa part na iyon. Karapatan ng mga manunuod na mag kumento at wala naman na pumipigil sa kalayaang gawin yun. May mga tao nga lang na makapag kumento lang para maging sikat sila. Ang kaso hindi naman nag papasikat si Lourd. Humiling lang siya ng kaunting pag babago.

Mapunta tayo sa paggawa ng pelikula. Niliteral mo nga talaga ang sinabi ni Lourd de Veyra na parang tatlong araw lang ginawa ang pelikula. Eto yan, paano niya nasabi? Kasi sa kalidad ng pag gawa ng pelikula. Kung hindi mo nalalaman, maraming alam si Lourd sa pag gawa ng pelikula at alam din niya kung paano ginagawa ang pelikula mula sa pre-prod, production at post-prod. Ay oo nga pala no? TV personality si Lourd de Veyra hindi lang siya simpleng manunulat or blogger. Try watching Word of the Lourd sa Youtube para malaman mo. Hindi mo na din kailangan sabihin na tapos ka ng Mass Communication at ipamukha kay Lourd na mahirap gumawa ng isang music video. Alam niya yan. Oo nga pala nakapanuod ka na ba ng mga music video ng Radio Active Sago Project? Vocalist nga pala si Lourd ng bandang iyon.

Institusyon sa larangan ng pelikula. Lagi natin naririnig ito sa media or sa mga tao kapag nakakarinig tayo ng isang bagay tungkol sa isang artista. Para sa akin ang qualification para institusyon ay dapat may naiambag kang malaking parte sa paglinang ng industriya at makabuluhan ito sa mga manunuod at sa kapwa mo artista. Katulad nila FPJ at Dolphy, mga institusyon ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Napakaraming naiambag sa pag unlad ng pelikula. At pag sinabi ding institusyon kaakibat din nito ang pag hubong ng kamalayan ng manunuod at pag kakaroon ng impact sa buhay ng mga manunuod. Ito ang nag aangat sa isang artista sa pedestal ng pagiging institusyon sa larangan ng pag arte at pag gawa ng pelikula.

Bilang isang fan ni Bossing nais din ni Lourd na makita si Bossing na magkaroon ng Role na mag de-define ng kanyang career bilang isang artista at komedyante. Umalis sa comfort zone at umiwas sa tried and tested na formula ng pelikula. Bilang alagad din ng sining, ang nais lamang iparating ni Lourd  ay ang kaunlaran ng paglikha ng Pelikula. Alam naman natin na ang sining mapa musika, pelikula at iba pa ay hindi nanatili sa iisang lugar at palagi itong umuusad.

Hindi naman kailangan na pang Cannes Film Festival or Sundance Film Fest ang gagawin na pelikula. Pwede din naman gumawa ng pelikulang pampamilya, pambata at kung ano pang target viewer na may sense at kakapulutan ng aral. Hindi kailangan artistic, kundi creative at witty ang pelikula.

Ang pag papatawa ay isang mahirap na uri ng pag arte. Kailangan mo ng ibayong talino para makiliti mo ang isip ng mga manunuod.

Sa pag susulat naman, kailangan intindihin mabuti ang bawat salita at lawakan ang isip. Isipin mo kung bakit naisulat ng author ang artikulo na iyon. Nang sa ganon ay hindi ka mapulaan kung sakali na tangkain mo na salungatin ang nais niyang iparating. Wala sa bandwagon yan dahil lahat nang taga subaybay ay sumasangayon lang.

Mainam din na mag research muna sa taong babatuhin mo ng putik. Dahil pag pumukol ka ng putik malamang sangkatutak na bato ang ibabato sa iyo pabalik. It pays to research before you open your mouth.

Everybody is a critic.

Para sa mga hindi pa nakabasa ng Open Letter ni Lourd de Veyra para kay Bossing Vic Sotto :

para dun sa mga hindi pa nakabasa dun sa Unsolicited Two Cents on Lourd de Veyra’s Open Letter to Vic Sotto.. search ninyo na lang sa internet. GMP/GMM (Google Mo Pare / Google Mo Mare)

PS : Hindi ko ginawa ang blog post na ito para mag pasikat. Gusto ko lang ipahayag ang saloobin ko sa usapin na ito, yun lang at wala nang iba pa.