Star Wars : The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Edit: It’s really hard to make a non-spoiler review of this movie. I have a lot to say about this movie but for now this should do. After a 3 weeks, if I’m not lazy enough, Imma do the SPOILER review of The Last Jedi.

I’ve never been so hype for a Star Wars movie before, this new installation of the Star Wars movie made me reserve for a ticket, one thing I never done in my life before. I had to do it because I want to be one of the first to see it.  Popping the cherry as they say. It was a pleasant experience and I’ll do it again the next time.

Now going back to the movie. A lot of movie reviews came after the press screening of the movie and initially all the reviews are praises, considering the movie the best installation among the Star Wars movie franchise. I was curious why they said it is, so I had to reserve two tickets for the movie.

After the long and arduous process of process of reserving a ticket, I finally got it and doubts came into my mind. Will it live up to the hype? Is it better than Empire Strikes Back or Rouge One? (These movies are the best Star Wars movies for me)

So, without further ado here’s my mini review of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.


A lot is going on as usual and it might confuse a lot of people watching Star Wars for the first time. It is suggested to first timers to watch the previous installation of the franchise to avoid being confused of the story and convoluted feel of the movie. As for the long-time fans of the series, the feel of the movie is somewhat like a combination of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi but in a much modern take and twists.  The story is straight forward and there’s a lot of light and funny moments in the movie. One liners and wisecrack lines and space battle are still there. The force is also there and the other use of it is explored in the movie.


Good thing about this movie is the introduction of the new characters in the series. The movie did a great job introducing new characters like Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) and DJ (Benicio Del Toro) creating new dynamics to the existing characters of Star Wars.

Kylo Ren as usual with is conflicting/confused feeling towards his affinity to the both side of the force. His volcanic outbursts reach new levels in this time around, the trait of emotion volatility shared by the Skywalker lineage.

On the other hand, Rey and her continuous search for her past, strong connection to the force is also explored in the movie. Finn finally comes to after being comatosed in The Force Awakens and Poe being reckless as ever.

Luke goes hermit, reclusive and grumpy. The reason? You gotta watch the movie to learn why. Mark Hamill’s performance as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is brilliant I hope he get an award for this.

General Leia Organa Solo, leader of the resistance is a sight to behold. Seeing Carrie Fisher’s final performance as Leia will make you board the feels train.

My thoughts about the movie

The feels is strong in this movie. Rian Johnson’s direction effectively make viewers go on an emotional rollercoaster while watching the movie. Nods from the past installation of Star Wars is evidently seen in the movie striking a somewhat balance to the story telling.

There are a lot of ups and down in the movie. The ups are the surprises. “This is not going to go the way you think!” – Luke Skywalker. Yes it will be an emotional rollercoaster for fans. The downside of this is that there are dragging moments in the movie which is very little you wont mind it at all.

The Star Wars series is clearly going on a different direction after this movie, closing doors to the old characters and opening doors to new characters of this epic space saga.

Rating : 8/10


PS: I really want to see them do the Star Wars Legends (formerly known as Extended Universe) in the future, but it’s very highly unlikely to happen.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now showing on cinemas


Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

Notice: All of the things written here are views of the author of this blog. We are entitled of our own opinions, so please just enjoy reading it. Thank You 🙂

The Bourne Legacy, the fourth movie in the Bourne movie franchise, Yes, there is no Matt Damon playing the part of Jason Bourne instead it has Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross an operative of  Operation Outcome  one of  Department of Defense’s black ops programs, which provides its agents with green pills that enhance physical abilities and blue pills that enhance mental abilities. All goes sour when Jason Bourne exposed Threadstone and Blackbriar Project to the public and Eric Byer (Edward Norton) decides to eliminate all Operation Outcome operatives to prevent having another loose cannon like Jason Bourne.

The story is not based on the Bourne Legacy book though it bares the same name. the story time frame is somewhat concurrent with  Bourne Ultimatum and depicts the outcome of  Treadstone and Blackbriar Progra exposé. The phase of the story is quite slow at first because of the frequent flash backs of the scenes from the Ultimatum and the explanation of the implications of the exposé. The movie starts to switch to high gear as Aaron Cross goes for the run.

The action scenes are successfully done and the locations of the scenes are carefully selected for the audience to feel the rush of the action (the rooftop drop is quite impressive and the high speed chase on the busy roads of Edsa). And just like other movies, there are some flaws or inconsistency (minor that is) that I saw such as Filipino Security Guards fluently talking in English like a call center agent (mind you guys without pause or any Filipino accent) and Filipino cops chasing Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) and shouting “Stop!” in tagalog!!!!.(For goodness sake it’s a foreigner that you are chasing so speak in english!!). It seems like security guards are paying more attention in their English class and the Cops are  paying more attention on their Filipino class haha. and oh I almost forgot, the absence of MMDA traffic enforcers during the motorbike chase in Edsa.

Setting the minor errors and inconsistency aside. The movie features some of the most talented Filipino Actors in the Philippines such as John Arcilla and Lou Veloso who played their part well even though they only got a few frames on the movie.

Jeremy Renner played the role of Aaron Cross well and made the audience (ok,ok some of the audience) forget Jason Bourne during the movie and Rachel Weisz done a great job portraying Dr. Marta Shearing and Edward Norton playing as the primary antagonist  Eric Byer.

The movie is good it but left the audience hanging for more action and just ended in a flash. But still it is a good movie to watch and for those die hard Bourne Trilogy fanatics out there, you might not like the movie for there is no Matt Damon or Paul Greengrass not directing the movie but still it is a good movie for those avid movie goers and movie fans alike.

Here’s the trailer of The Bourne Legacy for those who still not seen it.

Rebyu : Manila Kingpin – The Asiong Salonga Story

Asiong Salonga, binansagang Hari ng Tondo, mabait na asawa, anak at mabuting kaibigan at masamang kaaway.

Medyo mahirap mag hanap ng sinehan na mapapanuoran nito nung mga nakaraang araw dahil nagkaroon ng kaunting aberya sa pag imprenta ng mga poster ng pelikula  kaya iilang piling sinehan lang ang nakapagpalabas nito noong araw ng pasko. Sabi nga ni Gov. ER Ejercito o mas kilala bilang “Jeorge Estregan Jr.” nasabotahe ang pelikula. Pero kahit may aberya mang nangyari tuloy pa din ang pag papalabas nito.

Pag pasok namin sa sinehan kitang kita na kakaunti lang ang nanonood, marahil dala na din ng piling mga sinehan lang ang nagpapalabas ng naturang pelikula noong araw na iyon at ang iba ay nanunuod ng mga ibang pelikula (dala na din na bata ang mga kasama nila, pasko eh). Karamihan ng nanunuod ay kalalakihan (Pang mga tatay daw ang pelikulang ito sabi ng isa kong kaibigan. sabi ko naman pang tunay na lalaki na pelikula to.)

Hindi binigo ng  pelikulang ito ang mga tao na umaasa at nag hahanap ng ibang genre ng pelikula sa Metro Manila Film Festival 2011. Napawi nito ang uhaw na lalamunan ng mga panatiko ng pelikulang aksyon sa Pilipinas at marahil ay mag bibigay daan muli sa pag gising ng nahimbing na action genre ng pelikulang Pilipino.

Ang ilan sa mga parangal na nahakot ng Manila Kingpin : Asiong Salonga sa kakatapos lamang na 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival ay ang mga sumusunod:

Best Picture: “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Director: Tikoy Aguiluz, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Supporting Actor: John Regala, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Editor: Jason Cahapay : “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Production Design : Fritz Silorio, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Sound : Mike Idioma, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Musical Scoring: Jessie Lazatin, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best in Sound Track: La Paloma: Ely Buendia, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best in Cinematography, Carlo Mendoza, FSC, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”
Best Screenplay – Roi Iglesias and Rey Ventura, “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story”

Patunay lamang ito na talagang maganda ang pelikula. Recomended para sa mga pinoy movie goers na nais maghanap ng ibang genre ng pelikulang Pilipino na papanuorin.

Action packed! – Transformers : Dark of the Moon

action packed!!

Alas, the final chapter of the movie Transformers, Dark of the Moon.

After 2 years ng pag aantay, ipinalabas na din ang huling part ng pelikula. Thanks to Ate Mitch, Nuffnang at PLDT MyDSL sa special screening ng movie sa Shangrila last June 29, 2010 🙂

What can I say about the movie? Here it is :

Story (Ultra spoiler)

Medyo fast paced ang storya. mula sa pag tatago ng vital na sikreto ng mga tao tungkol sa Moon Expedition ng Amerika at Russia para makita ang nag crash landing na spaceship na ARK na galing sa Cybertron, krisis sa pag hahanap ng trabaho ni Sam Witwicky at insecurities sa boss ng kanyang bagong girlfriend na si Carly, hanggang sa muling pag buhay kay Sentinel Prime sa pamamagitan ng Matrix of Leadership at pag defect ni Sentinel Prime, pagpaslang niya kay Ironhide, para tuparin ang usapan nila ni Megatron na dalhin ang Planetang Cybertron sa tabi ng Earth sa pamamagitan Pillars at pagligtas ng autobots sa mundo at pag patay ni Optimus Prime kay Megatron at Sentinel Prime.

Yung kwento ay medyo straight forward at kita ang mga past Presidents of America (JFK at Nixon) in CG. maganda pa din naman ang kinalabasan at action packed. (Pinigil ko talaga ihi ko hanggang sa matapos ang pelikula which last about 2 and a half hours.) sakit sa pantog amf.

Autobots and Decepticons

Medyo maraming nagbago sa line up ng magkabilang faction. Yung trailer ni Optimus nag karoon din ng silbi( weapons and flight suit) and at last, may Ferrari (Ferrari 458 Italia ) din na nakasama sa Autobots. Sa Decepticons naman mas fierce ang lineup nila dahil kay shockwave at soundwave. Si Megatron naman eh parang tumandang robot.

Computer Graphics

As usual, maganda pa din ang computer graphics ng Transformers: Dark of the Moon. smooth na smooth ang pagkakagawa at realistic na.. (sabi nila maganda din daw panoorin ang pelikula in 3D.)

Recommended panoorin ang Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. kaya sa mga hindi pa nakakapanood. watch it! 😀

Movie Review : RPG Metanoia

Siguro eh masyado lang ako humanga sa panonood ng mga foreign CG Films like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children at Legend of the Guardians kaya at first I’m kinda skeptical about the movie RPG Metanoia because of the trailers of the movies I saw in Youtube at sa TV and there were lots of negative comments about the First Filipino made 3D Animated Movie.

My officemates and I decided to watch the Metanoia despite of the negative views that we have on the movie. We are prepared for the worst and thinking that we will be wasting our money for watching the movie. At kagaya nga ng matandang kasabihan “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”. It’s surprisingly awesome despite of some noticeable inconsistencies.

Here is my Rating : 8/10

CG Quality :  Good. Maganda ung pag kaka gawa ng animation ng environment ng movie, fight scene, at ung mga facial expresion at galaw ng mga characters eh simply superb. Ayun nga lang, may mga times nga lang na may lagtime, may mga mabagal na eksena lalo na ung mga fight scene na  hindi naman kailangan na bumagal eh bumabagal, parang nag lalaro ka ng MMORPG na habang sa kainitan ng laban eh nag la-lag due to hardware issues or na didistrupt na internet connection. Although maliit na factor to para sa ibang manonood pero for those viewers that play PC and internet games like me, Eh medyo issue to. 8/10

Sound and Voice Dubbing : You can’t say anything bad when it comes to musical score, it’s nicely done, but when it comes to voice  dubbing dun medyo may fail. IN MY OWN OPINION: hindi akma yung boses ng ibang mga artista  na nag boses sa mga characters especially sa main character na si Nico/Zero (voiced by Zaijan Jaranilla). In some point,  parang binabasa lang nia ung script ng walang feelings  yung ibang supporting characters medyo naging OA  sa pag dudub in somepoint too pero they all really did a great job. 10/10 for the Musical Score and 5/10 for the Voice dubbing.

Story : Eto panalo talaga. Story wise it’s really good since its new sa mga manunuod lalo na sa mga Pinoy. I’m an MMORPG player too kaya pasok na pasok sa panlasa ko ang storya ng Metanoia. Maganda din ang pag kaka introduce nila sa mga larong kalye na kinalakihan ng karamihan sa atin like Black one two three, Tagu-taguan, Syato, Tamaang-tao, Tumbang preso, Sipa at Piko. yung ibang lines sa pelikula actual kong narinig dati sa magulang ko pag pinagsasabihan ako regarding sa pag lalaro ng computer games.  10/10

Overall the movie was great.. its fun to watch lalo na kung mahilig kayo sa mga CG Animation movies katulad nito. This movie is the pioneer of other Filipino made CG movies that may come in the future.

Kung iisang bagay lang ang alam mong gawin ng tama, Eh di gagalingan mo na di ba? – Nico/Zero


Here the RPG Metanoia Full Cinema Trailer

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