Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom Pain Release Date Announced!

metal gear solid v phantom pain


For the love of all that is good! Finally after 3 years, the release date of this highly anticipated game is out. IGN accidentally released the video early this morning (maybe part of heightening the hype) and taken it down immediately after the leak. the video contains the world wide release date of Phantom Pain. Kept us waiting for a long time huh?


phantom pain release date

Yes boys and girls, the release is set on September 1, 2015. I’m sure MGS fans can’t wait to play this.  Kojima and Konami kept us waiting and they will intend to keep us waiting for another 7 months. Three years is a long wait, maybe another six months won’t hurt us eh?

I've been waiting for this pain

“Yep Grey Fox we feel you! we are also waiting for this pain to be announced.”


After being satisfied playing Ground Zeroes (though it is really damn short for a game) and it’s side missions, I’m gearing myself to play this game, but for now I’ll get my own copy of Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, since I don’t have a copy yet! (I’m a big fan of MGS series and I still don’t have a copy of this collection! I’m ashamed LOL!)


I still want to hear David Hayter’s voice as Snake. Maybe Solid Snake will make an appearance in MGS : Phantom Pain! Wishful thinking!!! *cross fingers*



The Ragnarok is really at hand : A salute to Philippine Ragnarok Online


Before online games became a massive hit, I used to play the usual LAN games like counter-strike, battle realms, starcraft, warcraft III (before someone made the DotA map. For those who don’t know or being simply stupid, DotA is only a warcraft III modded MAP! ) and Diablo 2. For me it was a different realm, It’s fun playing with friends and going to other computer shops to play with different people, making friends and enemies as well. I thought that’s it, something much bigger is on the way and will flip the Philippine gamers’ life 360 degrees and making the gaming world more vast and a lot more enjoyable. That’s when LEVEL UP! introduced Philippine Ragnarok Online.

Yeah, before I became a citizen of the Continent of Legend (MU Philippines), I was a citizen of Midgar, native of Prontera (Priest) in Chaos Server and a native of Payon (Hunter) in Loki Server. I have no guild, no group to belong helping other players and trash talking with some of them back in the day.

I learned about the game mid of 2003,My sister told me to play it but at first I was uninterested because I was preoccupied playing Final Fantasy X in Playstation 2 back then. After I re-entered college again (yes, I’ve been a very bad student in college) in 2004, my classmates are playing pRO, and that’s where it piqued  my interest, and sign up for an account.

Correct me if I’m wrong with this, back then, there was a free game time when you first sign up and logged in, (a day or a week) so you have a lot of time leveling up before you buy top-up cards which by the way is too expensive for students like me (since I lived near our school, I don’t have a lot of extra money to buy top-up cards ) the cheapest back then was the 50 pesos card and It will take me 3 days just to earn that money and that only last for 8 hours of game time.

That’s the reason why I signed up for MU Online Philippines which has cheaper game time than pRO game time. hahaha!

Oh well, going back to the topic, it was fun, there were lots of first times for me in this game. my first online game, first online account, first online game to be installed in our now-dead pentium 1 PC, first time playing an online game with ISP Bonanza during nights (because ISP Bonanza offers free internet after 12am before, damn.) and a whole lot of firsts I really don’t recall.

After graduating from the novice class, I choose acolyte (because of my classmates suggestion), because if your acolyte became a Priest, that’s where the money flows (like in real life, huh), in demand during parties, raiding GH (glast heim), raising dead players along the way for a fee, buffing for a fee, basically that character class is a money making machine.  But it’s hard to become a priest, you have to deal with a lot of deaths before becoming one, and dying in pRO is a bad thing because the meter bar of your experience drops, It’s a mortal sin to die in that game.

Too much dying and an overcrowded server is too much to bear, so I transferred to Loki Server and became an archer, those days were the best, killing mobs in a distance without taking a single hit, and if you become a hunter, there’s the trusty falcon and it’s blitz beat that keeps on killing your prey. ah, the good old days!

But good things don’t last, but pRO lasted for 15 years. for those who still play pRO up to this very day, you’ll have the chance to migrate your account to iRO (International Ragnarok Online Server). Currently, LevelUp are talking to IRO handlers and they will announce the start of migration of the accounts. for more info about the migration you can check their website or check this article :

It’s been a good run for Philippine Ragnarok Online, I may not be as loyal as the other player to you, but I will treasure the good memories that I experience playing in your world.


ROK on!


Gaming Thought : Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zeroes



Finally the much awaited installment to the Big Boss saga is here. Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zeroes. A lot of fans including me was eagerly waiting for this to come out to the market and to our dismay, the game came up short. We all know that the game runs by FOX ENGINE which showcased a astounding graphics overhaul for the MGS Series which is a big plus for us fans of the game franchise. I was easily captivated by it when they uploaded the game demo video of MGSV to youtube and man, I really thought that this game really kick ass.But there are some let downs for this game.

Voice of Big Boss

All of the fans of the series is familiar with the voice of David Hayter as he voiced Snake for the longest time and suddenly, Hideo Kojima dropped Hayter as the voice actor of the main character and instead hired Kiefer Sutherland to do the voice and facial capture. This continues to haunt me until today. I’m not used to hear Kiefer Sutherland saying the famous line of Snake “Kept you waiting huh?” Kojima said that in Snake aged and the voice should changed. Snake is in his mid 40s during the Ground Zeroes.

Game Duration

A major let down for all of those who bought the game. Not worth the price for a game play that only last for 45mins if you speed run it. someone beat it in 7mins and 10 seconds (damn that was fast) here’s the video


The game is good but for those who want to feel the full experience of MGS , I highly recommend that you buy this game when MGS V: Phantom Pain is release.

Metal Gear Rising PC Version : On Progress


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There you have it PC Gamers, Updates about “Jack the Ripper on PC” was posted in the official fanpage of MGR and we will be expecting it to be available in our local game store anytime soon. Based on the Fanpage of Metal Gear Rising :

‘Rising PC version looking good, even the shadow looks beautiful.’

So we are expecting that this game will be hardware demanding, and for those who don’t want their game to be played on minimum requirements, you better upgrade your system or you won’t be fully enjoying slashing your way through this game.

I played this game last week in my PS3, thanks to my friend who let me borrow his copy of the game, I gotta admit, I’m pretty hooked to this game and finished it in about 8 hrs (pretty slow in Normal Mode huh 😛 ) and I want to try the Revengance mode thoroughly but sadly I had to give it back to my friend because somebody will borrow it next . I hope I can play this game in PC version and hopefully I can play it the Very Hard Mode and Revengance Mode.

And I’d like to experience playing the game with the infamous FOX BLADE. I heard that the blade was the most badass weapon in MGR. (Though I really love the Armor Breaker Blade and Muramasa.)

Final Fantasy XV offers more interactive gaming


I’ve been a long time Final Fantasy fanatic and I’m really excited about the new interactivity that the Square-Enix team put on the new Final Fantasy XV.

Tetsuya Nomura said in a video interview that the previous installments of the game used pre-rendered videos and in this latest Final Fantasy the player will have the ability to play it in real time because of the new hardware that they are using.

“These scenes are in real-time, too. Also, we’re stressing the importance of speed in battle. Because this game is action-based, we’re doing our best to stay away from situations where the character doesn’t have control. Enemies and allies alike will move around, and fighting within the speedy progression of battle is what makes this Final Fantasy different from previous installments.”

Based on my observation from the video above, the gameplay reminds me of Final Fantasy XIII where the player controls the main character and the other characters are moving freely as well as the enemies roam around more like an Action type RPG and thus we say good bye to the old Active Time Battle (ATB) System that the game franchise was known for.

Some FF fans may say that the game may suck because of the new battle system and they won’t feel the “Final Fantasy Feel”. That maybe true, but I’m really looking forward on playing it on the new PS4 console in the future.


Playstation 4 Console Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Revelation


After first revealing the new Dual Shock 4 controller last February 2013, earlier today June 11, 2013 (June 10, 2013 on the US ) the Playstation 4 console was revealed along side great games coming from Square-Enix.

So what’s so special about the new Playstation 4 Console?  Here’s some of the cool stuffs about the new console.

ps4 support used games

wont require online authentication

Yep, you can keep your games, sell it, lend it to a friend and keep it forever!! Just like Hardcore gamers and gaming enthusiast want it. It also wont require you to log-in or check in when playing your game. pretty nice huh? Gaikai Cloud base technology, game streaming will be available on 2014 beginning in US.

Now for games, I’ll be featuring two games from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Originally Final Fantasy XII Versus but Square Enix decided to change it to fifteenth installment of the Final Fantasy game franchise. I’m looking forward to it to become available on the PS3 console before but when I watched the E3 earlier, I’m convinced that this title should be on the PS 4 console. Final Fantasy XV belongs to Fabula Nova Crystallis series like Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. I’m expecting that this game would be great in terms of the story line and the Active Time Battle system would be more interactive and fun to play with just like what can we see on the video preview below.

After the revelation Final Fantasy XV Director Tetsuya Nomura also revealed the video for :

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

Finally, after years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 was also revealed during the E3 event. I was really waiting for this game because I’m also a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. In the video below Sora picks up Master Eraqus’ Keyblade . It also shows the Twilight Town with a lot  of heartless chashing Sora. Seeing this makes me want to play it. Will this game feature Birth By Sleep charaters  Terra, Ventus and Aqua? We’ll never know until the game is availble.

Here is the video for Kingdom Hearts 3

A lot of happenings in the gaming world this year and it keeps on getting better… Hmmmmm.. the question is will I go with the flow and get my own PS4 console as soon as it is available in the market? We’ll never know.. if Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain will be exclusive on the PS4 console I might get myself a console.. hahaha!