Pick a Booger – Sundot Kulangot

Have you ever tried eating Pick-a-booger (Sundot – Kulangot)?

If you’re not aware of this food and haven’t seen one before and someone offered you, the first impression that comes from your mind is eating the actual *you know what*.

As for those who have seen and ate one, you might find this delicacy hard to find especially when you are in the metro.

Sundot Kulangot / Pick a Booger : A Filipino Delicacy best known for its delicious taste and one nasty name. Sweet jam inside a bamboo twig or a small coconut-like packaging. you can eat the jam by picking it with a stick. much like picking your nose with your finger.

Back in the days when I was in grade school, this delicacy is not hard to find, you can buy loads of it outside the schools premises, offered by peddlers and stores. I really like buying it especially when its time for snack and before going home back then.

Today, I find it rare to see this delicacy maybe because there are lots of things to offer to the market and the demand for this delicacy decreased.

And a while ago when I was buying cigarette in a sari-sari store I saw a kid buy a sundot kulangot. After the kid left I decided to buy one too to try it if the delicacy still that delicious back then. The taste of it changed, its not the taste I remember back then but its all worth while to eat for old time sake.