Super Late Post : Toycon + Pop Life FanXperience 2017 Coverage

I’ve been covering Toycon since 2008 and I can’t believe I’m still covering the event thanks to Kuya Azrael  for giving me the opportunity to be part of this event. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the privilege to cover this event.

A lot of things change since the first time I covered this event, met a lot of friends and wonderful people, bloggers, celebs and geeks like me.

Unlike the previous Toycon Event, I only managed to attend the second day of the event because I have to attend to other things. This is also a good time to catch up with my friends in the blogging community and former officemates who is also attending the event. It was a good day. Thanks to the garlic stick of Andrea I ate while driving the car going to SMX, nakatipid ako at sobrang busog HAHAHA! (Sa APCC naman ulit Andrea ah!)

As usual, dumaan na naman ang Toycon na wala akong picture with the Gosiengfiao Sisters (Si Alodia lang nandun, wala si Ashley), But what I do have is some of the pictures I’ve taken during the Toycon Poplife FanXperience Day 2

I’m sorry if this post took me a long time to post. To my sponsors, I’m really sorry. Life happened and I was thrown to the chaos. but here it is.










It used to be when TOYCON was just all about toys and collecting geeky stuff, and being under one roof with pop-culture fanboys, cosplayers, gamers and comic book nerds. But this year, TOYCON heads off for uncharted waters and borrowing from a certain famous space TV show, “Boldly goes to where no CON has gone before.”

The Philippine TOYCON, now on its 16th year, began an exciting partnership with Pop Life Entertainment, a leading international creative house and brand development company, last year to create the ultimate Fan experience for the Filipino pop-culture fans.

ToyCon Pop Life FanXperience 2016 was the biggest celebration of all things associated with pop-culture such as toys, games, movies, cosplay, anime and collectibles.

FanXperience made ToyCon the staging-ground of the “ultimate fan experience” for the local fan base who got to get up close and personal for the first time with international celebrities like Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones and Dean Cain from the Adventures of Superman.

This year the TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE 2017 takes it up a notch higher and promises bigger entertainment and a whole new playground for the digital generation.


TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE launches to the stratosphere with not just one, two or three but SEVEN big international celebrities for the Filipino fans to enjoy an up close and personal encounter! These include

Carla Perez – Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers 90s TV Series
Charlie Bewley – The Vampire Dmitri, from the Twilight movie franchise
Lindsay Mckeon – Tessa the Reaper from the hit TV series, Supernatural
Karen Fukuhara – Katana of the Suicide Squad
Stefan Capicic – Colossus in the Deadpool Movie
Cas Anvar – the voice of Altair in Assassins Creed:Revelations
Kevin McNally – Joshamee Gibbs in all 5 Pirate of the Caribbean movies


The FanXperience will certainly give lucky fans a chance to interact one-on-one with these big celebrities through the live panels and Meet & Greet sessions.
The TOYCON also boasts of some of the biggest exhibits in the world of popular culture and this year’s highlights include:

  • Japan’s top toy brand, Kotobukiya, displays its latest line of Marvel, Star Wars and DC figurines along with the launch of the Frame Arms Girl Anime and merchandise.
  • Warner Brothers features its movie exhibit of its upcoming line of hit movies, IT, Ninjago, Justice League and the original movie prop doll of the horror cult classic, Annabelle.
  • Mars Ravelo’s Superheroes are featured in their classic art and comic form courtesy of the Mars Ravelo Estate and ABS CBN Licensing.
  • The TOYCON Toy Club Gallery – The biggest toy collectors’ exhibit ever assembled under one roof featuring top toy brands, Kotobukiya, Enesco, Bandai, Hero Cross, Hasbro, Mattel, Hot Toys and Lego. This exhibit makes ToyCon one of the most photographed events in the country.
  • Artists Alley and custom artwork – fans meet their favorite local and international guest artists for custom sketches, signing and art critiquing.
  • The biggest dealer floor of around 240 merchants of various pop-culture merchandise, comics, accessories, cosplay merchandise, toys and collectibles

Other event highlights include:

  • The grand finals of the World Cosplay Summit Philippine Championship and our very own TOYCON Cosplay Competition.
  • The awarding of the very first Pinoy Pop Culture Awards
  • Musical performances by British electronic duo, Addictive TV and top local bands
  • ToyClicks toy photography competition and the Toy Customization contest


Pop Life Entertainment brings your ideas to life in the Creator Stage! All digital content creators and online celebrity aspirants can make their mark on the digital stage by creating their own content right at the Pop Life Creator Stage at the 2nd level of the SMX Convention Center. Share your genius and get a chance to be part of a global leader in multi-channel networks, Pro Am Studio!
Enjoy a brand new set of toys in a whole new playground as the TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE happens on
June 30 to July 2, 2017 SMX Convention Center Manila Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

The event is organized by the Asian Comics, Toys & Hobbies Collective Inc. and Pop Life Entertainment
and co-presented by GLOBE. With sponsors MaxiCollector, Arigatoys, the Gaming Library, Warner Brothers Pictures, Bankee, Toy Empire, Ano Toys, Great Toys Online, Hygienix, Bully Boys Collectibles, Big Boys Toystore, Hubbyte, Kramer Toy Warden, Devant, MoguMogu, and Bruder Toys.

With media partners, ABS-CBN, History Channel, Psicom, Manilascape, PBNet and Retro 105.9 DCG FM. For details contact:

Cholo Mallillin (Marketing Head)
Vic Yap (Head of Operations)
Azrael Coladilla (Digital Content Manager)

For event details go to:

Tickets are available online at

Philippine Toycon hits its 14th year



I felt really old when I attended the 14th year on the ticket of the convention. For the past 7 years I never skipped attending this event (I almost skipped last year) and let out the inner kid in me for a day and have fun checking out and taking pictures of toys during the event. As usual cosplayers flood the event and it’s still refreshing to see creative and kickass cosplayer around the event, these people are also one of the reasons why ToyCon is still successful up to this day.

I really thought that I’ll be going alone this time around because my usual party during this event are either out of town or attending a family event. Luckily someone called out my name while I roam around the event aimlessly and saw familiar faces. Former officemates. Good to see them again after a while. I totally forgot that they are also attending the event, they even invited me before… signs of aging I guess. I only attended the 2nd day of the event because I have other things to do after the event and unlike before, I don’t have the luxury of time to spend attending all of the days of this year’s ToyCon. Maybe next year. I’ll attend all of the days of the event but, that’s just me wishful thinking.

Here are some the pictures I’ve taken in the 2nd day of the event. not many as before but I think this will do:



Christmas Toycon 2014 Day 3

Been busy with life and everything that I forgot to blog about the previous toycon (last june) and other stuffs (movies, events,game releases). Thankfully yesterday I had a chance to go the event (thanks to my girlfriend) though I didn’t buy a souvenir unlike last year I bought a Master Grade Zeta Plus C1 (thanks to wasabi toys). Too bad there’s no Master Grade Proto Zero available yesterday. My girlfriend and I enjoy taking pictures and having fun. We also met the infamous Earl “BigBoss” Maghirang of The Fanboy SEO on the event, who’s with his bro buying 00 Gundam Seven Swords. (inggit ako!).

Here are some pictures of the event. Kaunti lang pero ayos na siguro to.




Philippine Toy Convention 2014


The Philippine Toy Convention 2014 is just around the corner and it’s time for to see a lot of toy enthusiast and cosplayers come together and enjoy the event. I didn’t attended the launch held at Resorts World Manila last May 31, 2014 because of my birthday celebration, but this time I’ll make sure to come over the event to continue my tradition of going to the yearly ToyCon and hopefully score some Gunpla kits and other items like I did last year. (and take some pictures too hehehe)

While we wait for the day, here’s the TVC for the upcoming ToyCon 2014. Enjoy!

The CompanY is holding a ‘KPub’ party



The country’s premiere vocal group The CompanY has a lot to celebrate these days – a sold-out Rewind. Play. Fast Forward show at the Music Museum last month, various nominations and wins at various award giving bodies, a soon-to-be-released album and a forthcoming US tour.

In celebration of these victories, The CompanY will be having two special shows this October 11 and 18,10 p.m., at KPub Global City, The Fort, billed Party with The CompanY.

The country’s vocal group will be performing some of the most enjoyable tunes from different genres, and generation, which will surely set everyone to party mood. Also included in the repertoire are the favorite hits from The CompanY.

For reservations, contact KPub at 8471961 or 8473098. Admission is P500, inclusive of entrance and two drinks.

The Voice of the Philippines : The Finale


The Voice of the Philippines is over. This was quite a journey for the contestants of the show and I can’t say that I’m a total fan of the show but I can say that this was one of the best singing contest I’ve watched for the longest time in Philippine TV. This also proves that Filipinos are truly gifted when it comes to music and we really know how to sing.

I’m a solid Mitoy fan, but being a music fan, I don’t close or shut my ears to other great contestants of the Voice of the Philippines. There are a lot of good contestants who joined the contest.

Already made musicians joined the contest. If you ask me, this is a good timing to re-ignite their weakened light in the music industry. This caused a great stir on the contest and raised the questions : “Do they still have what it takes to get another shot to stardom.” and “Would they dominate the competition?”

And there are the unknown talents, singers from a show band and the aspiring singers. You can’t say that they are rough gems that need polishing because proved to the blind auditions they have what it takes to square it out with the made musician who joined the competition.

The Grand Finals has come and here are the performance of the TOP 4 Finalist of the Voice of the Philippines with their respected coaches.

Myk Perez and Bamboo

For those who doesn’t know, This song is taken from Bamboo’s Solo Album “No Water, No Moon”. Their performance was very classy. You got to give it to the dancer who waltz with Bamboo. My first impression of Myk is that he’s like Jason Mraz who woes girls as he sang and plays his guitar. My favorite performance of his is when he serenade Sarah Geronimo on stage. But as the contest progress, he began to sound and look like Bamboo(the diction, the hair and the moves). Sorry to tell this but I think Myk is turning into an exact copy of Bamboo (in performing ascpect) for me he could do more than being a shadow of Bamboo. Over all this was a good performance by Myk.

Klarisse, Sarah Geronimo and Robert Sena

The first lines of Sarah Geronimo made me think this was a soundtrack of a movie. There’s also Robert Sena who added the feel of opera on the song. Klarisse really belt it out with Sarah Geronimo. I can’t hardly believe that this two battled before in other singing contest and the irony that they ended up like this, Sarah being the coach of Klarrise, and Klarisse being one of the top contender in this contest. I admit that I didn’t see any of Klarisse previous performance during the battle stage and live performance because of the other great contestants, but after seeing her performance from the semis up until the finals, that is enough for me to say that she is one hell of a good singer.

Janice APL de AP and Lolita Carbon

This is my favorite performance in the Finals. Listening to Lolita Carbon singing the first lines of her song “Himig ng Pagibig” gives me the goosebumps. Janice proves that she can go at par with the legendary folk band Asin frontwoman and she didn’t fail to impress the audience and her fans. As Apl enters the stage and started singing Time of My Life version of Black Eyed Peas then it go boom! True to her said genre expertise Janice did a great performance and so as Lolita Carbon showing her groove (That’s the first time I saw her perform like that) and the three of them owned the stage as the crowd go wild.

Mitoy, Lea and Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda. I never know that he can do a decent performance like this one. The song was one of my favorite and I’m kinda skeptical at first on how is the performance go having him on the stage, and thank god, it turned out pretty damn good. Thanks Vice Ganda for not letting me down. This performance reminds me of the music video of Meatloaf’s I would do anything for love. Lea was fantastic, I can’t find the words how to describe her on this performance. Mitoy never fails to amaze me with his god like talent and wits in the stage. A true performer. He shows everybody why he is the crowd favorite and why he deserves to be on the Top 4 contenders.

Sharing the Stage with Westlife’s Shane Filan

Fan girls screaming their lungs out as Shane Filan comes into the stage and singing two of hits from his past group Westlife. This was a great performance. It’s like listening to Westlife all over again replacing the other members with the TOP 4 contestant.

On the interview Shane Filan’s bet Klarisse to win the competition because of the clarity of her voice. The Ted Filan pun was so crappy and forced. That facepalm moment. Probably the worst joke you ever crack on a foreign artist who doesn’t know what you are saying. LAST MO NA TALAGA YAN ALEX GONZAGA.

Man in the Mirror (Apl, Sarah, Bamboo and Lea)

The judges showcased their singing prowess and sang Man in the Mirror by the Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson. fine rendition of the song. the arrangement reminds me of Tuck Andress’ finger style guitar version of this song.

The way they sang the song leaves me hoping that they would sing We Are The World after that song.

The Final Bout

When the final 2 was announced the voting lines was reopened and the Top 2 will again battle it out and for the last time and the votes was reset to zero. here are the performance of the Top 2. Mitoy and Klarrise.

Magsimula ka – Klarrise

All I can say is Klarrise performance is really great. Whitney Houston quality of voice. the song was so uplifting and will make the listeners vote for her because of this performance.

Help! – Mitoy

I’ve seen Mitoy performed this song on Eat Bulaga’s contest “Kakaibang Bida” same arrangement of the song, minus the wacky antics. this song was so tested it helped Mitoy win The Voice of the Philippines and crowned him the first ever grand winner of the contest.

The first challenge for the contestants joined the contest is now over. The next challenge that they will face in the future is surviving the challenges of the local music industry and how will they make it big after the contest. Winning the contest doesn’t always guarantee making it big. We saw it in other singing contest, winners sometimes left alone and the one who lost make it even bigger than the winner.

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