Diamond: in a world full of fake glasses



I that a designer brand of clothes you wearing?

How much money do you have in your ATM?

Do you live in a luxurious house?

Do you have a fancy car?

Do you chill at a 5 star hotel in the weekend?

Is that Rolex in your wrist?

Is that the new iPhone you have there?

Are you going to a party all night long with lots of random rich people?

Are you the CEO, Boss, Manager, Team Leader at your work?

Are you friends with a celebrity, politician, or someone famous?

If you answer those questions with a thunderous YES….. Can you be my friend?

I promise to be at your side always.

In good times. Oh I’ll be there even if you don’t want me to.

Maybe in bad times.. As long as you pay for the drinks or else, fuck off. I’m busy with my other rich friends.

I won’t reply to your messages in case you need me, instead I’ll message you if I need help.

I’ll be a diamond in a world full of fake glasses. Well if you hand me cash that is.

You’ll be my personal bank, whenever I need money. And you have to call in time of my need coz I need you.

If ever the time come that

You wear cheap clothes.

Your bank account is depleted.

You lost your job.

You move to a cheap apartment

You walk because you sell you fancy car.

You can’t afford to stay in a 5 star hotel.

You wear a cheap watch.

You can’t afford the new iPhone.

You prefer to stay home and  watch TV reruns coz you can’t afford going out like you used to.

You lost your job position and work status.

You only know famous people, celebrities and politician coz they appear on TV.

I’ll be gone with the wind. Pretend that you and I never known each other. We are strangers.

Be on good or bad times? Your on your own now. So fuck off.

Because my existence belongs to a world where everything shines, glitters, full of attention and cash ever flowing.

I’m your fake diamond.

In a world full of fake glasses.



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