Shit storm


As I write this blog post, I’m currently shirtless and stationed at our sari-sari store. Why shirtless? Because it is hot. No, I’m not hot, the weather is. Looking at the noisy high school students passing by our store

It’s been a while since I written a blog post and I am sure that my writing style is a bit rusty. A lot of things happened during the past few months. Failed job applications, mishaps and a lot of bad things happened. Basically the shit hit the fan.

When the wheel of fortune takes you to the bottom, that’s where you see the perfect perspective of life. I hit rock bottom this time, and when I looked up, the long way up is there welcoming me again with new obstacles in place. The path I took before is gone, and another path takes its place, more treacherous and hard as hell. I don’t know if I can walk the path again. I’m having doubts with myself this time.

Failure can get you succumb to depression. I can’t deny that. I’m victim. Looking back to the good old times also added fuel to the depression. I feel like a stupid piece of shit looking back where I had almost all of it. I am the king of my own damn world. I never bothered to step down to my high horse.

What a piece shit I am.

Picking up the pieces of me is really hard; the fall was too hard for me and it broke me into little pieces. I swallowed my pride before the fall so I left with nothing when I came down.

The drama keeps on playing and I cannot stop it, I’m in the middle of the shit storm and it keeps on whirling. I am overwhelmed. The armor I don is gone. What’s left is my shallow shell.

When I came to my senses, two months has passed, “What the fuck happened?” I lost precious time. What a waste.

The nightmare is nearly over.

The wheel starts to move and I need to get back on my feet so that I can grab to the wheel again to go up.

A lot of lessons learned during this time and I intend to keep it, and whatever lessons I get along the way I will carry it to the top.



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