EDSA People Power Revolution: Facebook Version

EDSA People Power Revolution: Isa sa mga pangyayari na naganap noong 1986. It was a series of non violent revolution and prayerful mass street demonstration in the Philippines. “The Revolution that surprised the world.”

Ngayong papalapit nanaman ang anniversary ng EDSA People Power Revolution some people from GMA News TV made a very clever idea how to tell the story of EDSA Revolution in a way that so unconventional yet very “In” to the masses especially to the young people of today, telling the story: Facebook style.

And it goes like this :

"So educational and at the same time funny"

It’s a collection of status messages, wall post and comments of the most prominent figures during the Yellow Revolution and even the USA and the late Pope John Paul II have posts too. magaling ang pag kakagawa ng mga comments. I’m sure matutuwa ang sinumang makakabasa.

The people behind this surely spend a lot of time researching about the EDSA revolution and they executed it well and many Filipino people appreciate it.

Hats off to the people behind this wonderful post.

You can read the full post at GMA News TV website –  It was complicated: EDSA 1 as told through Facebook

“Gusto ko happy ka” – Manong Johnny


One thought on “EDSA People Power Revolution: Facebook Version

  1. “EDSA People Power Revolution: Facebook Version ako si emerson sy” was a
    terrific post and I actually was really joyful to read the blog.
    Thanks for your effort-Mercedes

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