Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom Pain Release Date Announced!

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metal gear solid v phantom pain


For the love of all that is good! Finally after 3 years, the release date of this highly anticipated game is out. IGN accidentally released the video early this morning (maybe part of heightening the hype) and taken it down immediately after the leak. the video contains the world wide release date of Phantom Pain. Kept us waiting for a long time huh?


phantom pain release date

Yes boys and girls, the release is set on September 1, 2015. I’m sure MGS fans can’t wait to play this.  Kojima and Konami kept us waiting and they will intend to keep us waiting for another 7 months. Three years is a long wait, maybe another six months won’t hurt us eh?

I've been waiting for this pain

“Yep Grey Fox we feel you! we are also waiting for this pain to be announced.”


After being satisfied playing Ground Zeroes (though it is really damn short for a game) and it’s side missions, I’m gearing myself to play this game, but for now I’ll get my own copy of Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, since I don’t have a copy yet! (I’m a big fan of MGS series and I still don’t have a copy of this collection! I’m ashamed LOL!)


I still want to hear David Hayter’s voice as Snake. Maybe Solid Snake will make an appearance in MGS : Phantom Pain! Wishful thinking!!! *cross fingers*


The Ragnarok is really at hand : A salute to Philippine Ragnarok Online

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Before online games became a massive hit, I used to play the usual LAN games like counter-strike, battle realms, starcraft, warcraft III (before someone made the DotA map. For those who don’t know or being simply stupid, DotA is only a warcraft III modded MAP! ) and Diablo 2. For me it was a different realm, It’s fun playing with friends and going to other computer shops to play with different people, making friends and enemies as well. I thought that’s it, something much bigger is on the way and will flip the Philippine gamers’ life 360 degrees and making the gaming world more vast and a lot more enjoyable. That’s when LEVEL UP! introduced Philippine Ragnarok Online.

Yeah, before I became a citizen of the Continent of Legend (MU Philippines), I was a citizen of Midgar, native of Prontera (Priest) in Chaos Server and a native of Payon (Hunter) in Loki Server. I have no guild, no group to belong helping other players and trash talking with some of them back in the day.

I learned about the game mid of 2003,My sister told me to play it but at first I was uninterested because I was preoccupied playing Final Fantasy X in Playstation 2 back then. After I re-entered college again (yes, I’ve been a very bad student in college) in 2004, my classmates are playing pRO, and that’s where it piqued  my interest, and sign up for an account.

Correct me if I’m wrong with this, back then, there was a free game time when you first sign up and logged in, (a day or a week) so you have a lot of time leveling up before you buy top-up cards which by the way is too expensive for students like me (since I lived near our school, I don’t have a lot of extra money to buy top-up cards ) the cheapest back then was the 50 pesos card and It will take me 3 days just to earn that money and that only last for 8 hours of game time.

That’s the reason why I signed up for MU Online Philippines which has cheaper game time than pRO game time. hahaha!

Oh well, going back to the topic, it was fun, there were lots of first times for me in this game. my first online game, first online account, first online game to be installed in our now-dead pentium 1 PC, first time playing an online game with ISP Bonanza during nights (because ISP Bonanza offers free internet after 12am before, damn.) and a whole lot of firsts I really don’t recall.

After graduating from the novice class, I choose acolyte (because of my classmates suggestion), because if your acolyte became a Priest, that’s where the money flows (like in real life, huh), in demand during parties, raiding GH (glast heim), raising dead players along the way for a fee, buffing for a fee, basically that character class is a money making machine.  But it’s hard to become a priest, you have to deal with a lot of deaths before becoming one, and dying in pRO is a bad thing because the meter bar of your experience drops, It’s a mortal sin to die in that game.

Too much dying and an overcrowded server is too much to bear, so I transferred to Loki Server and became an archer, those days were the best, killing mobs in a distance without taking a single hit, and if you become a hunter, there’s the trusty falcon and it’s blitz beat that keeps on killing your prey. ah, the good old days!

But good things don’t last, but pRO lasted for 15 years. for those who still play pRO up to this very day, you’ll have the chance to migrate your account to iRO (International Ragnarok Online Server). Currently, LevelUp are talking to IRO handlers and they will announce the start of migration of the accounts. for more info about the migration you can check their website or check this article :

It’s been a good run for Philippine Ragnarok Online, I may not be as loyal as the other player to you, but I will treasure the good memories that I experience playing in your world.


ROK on!


Salute to those who fell in battle

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Nakakainis isipin na sa ganito lang masasawi ang mga pinag pipitagang Special Action Force ng PNP. Marami nag tuturuan kung sino ang nag utos na ituloy ang operasyon, ultimo ang pinuno ng bansa ay mas inuna pa ang pag attend sa inagurasyon ng planta sa Laguna kesa ang salubungin ang mga labi ng mga nasawing myembro ng PNP-SAF galing sa madugong engkwentro sa Maguindanao.

Marami nang dumating na pasakit sa bayan nating ina ngayon. sunod-sunod na pag hagupit ng bagyo, at ngayon heto, mga tagapagtanggol ng bayan naman ang nag buwis ng buhay. nakakawalang gana na makakita ng ganitong balita.

Ang lalong nakakapaginit ng ulo dito ay yung mga nasa pwesto, tila wala silang pakialam sa nangyayari sa bayan natin, nag punta sa pinangyarihan, nag salita ng kaunti, wala namang gawa. bwisit lang.

Kailangan natin talaga ng pagbabago sa ating bansa. tama na ang sobrang panonood ng tv sa hapon at gabi ng mga pantasya at drama na nag h-hypnotize at nag babaling ng tingin sa mga mas importanteng isyu ng ating bansa. masyado nang maraming dugo ang dumanak na hindi nakikita ng nakakarami dahil sa mga dibersyon na ito.

Para sa mga myembro ng PNP-SAF, isang pagpupugay para sa inyo, saludo at pasasalamat sa pinamalas ninyong katapangan at pag sunod sa tawag ng tungkulin, Wala man na kayo sa piling ng inyong pamilya, kaibigan, at bansa na inyong pinagsilbihan ay sigurado namang nasa piling na kayo ng poong maykapal.


Maraming Salamat!

Bob Ong’s “SI”

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bob ong si

Another well written story by Bob Ong.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for the people who haven’t read the book, but all I can say is, there a trick on reading the book.

For those who had the chance to read the previous works of Bob Ong, he always have some sort of experiment or you can say wild ideas in each of his works. A feature that can entertain his readers or somewhat annoys them in the process of reading, but if you’re an avid fan of Bob Ong, I guess you’ll let this one pass or maybe it will entertain you (and annoys you in some reasons.)

The book is all about love, all forms of love…as Bob Ong said in the video below :

“Ang SI ay kuwento ng pag-ibig, hindi romansa; at pagmamahal, hindi relasyon. Tungkol ito sa kakayanan, pagkakataon, pananagutan at karapatan natin lahat na magmahal.”

Here’s the full  video made by the man himself.. this will answer most of the questions asked by the fans.

For those who have the book, enjoy the new work of Bob Ong, and for those who don’t have a copy, get it on your favorite bookstores. (I bought a copy for 400 pesos. sulit pramis!)

“Para sa babaeng kasama kong maligo sa ulan, manood ng bulalakaw at matulog sa tabing dagat.”


Christmas Toycon 2014 Day 3

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Been busy with life and everything that I forgot to blog about the previous toycon (last june) and other stuffs (movies, events,game releases). Thankfully yesterday I had a chance to go the event (thanks to my girlfriend) though I didn’t buy a souvenir unlike last year I bought a Master Grade Zeta Plus C1 (thanks to wasabi toys). Too bad there’s no Master Grade Proto Zero available yesterday. My girlfriend and I enjoy taking pictures and having fun. We also met the infamous Earl “BigBoss” Maghirang of The Fanboy SEO on the event, who’s with his bro buying 00 Gundam Seven Swords. (inggit ako!).

Here are some pictures of the event. Kaunti lang pero ayos na siguro to.




Gloc-9, Universal Records lead this year’s Awit Awards winners

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gloc 9

Universal Records nabbed numerous commendations from the recently-concluded 2014 Awit Awards, held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World, with Gloc-9 winning most of the major awards – Album of the year for “Lihim at Liham,” Song of the Year for “Magda,” Best Rap Recording, and Best Collaboration.

Asia’s Songbird received two awards for Best Inspirational Song for “Nathaniel,” and Best Christmas Recording for “Hele Ni Inay.” These songs are part of the album “Hulong Ka Ng Langit,” which won Best Album Packaging Award.

Sam Concepcion won Best Dance Recording for the carrier single of his “Infinite” album – “No Limitations.”

PhilPop entries also made it to this year’s roster of winners – “Papel” and “Pansamantagal” won  Novelty, and World Music Recording of the Year, respectively.


Here is the list of Universal Records winners from the 27th Awit Awards:

Best Collaboration

Song Title: Magda
Artist: Gloc 9 feat. Rico Blacno
Record Label: Universal Records Inc

Album of the Year

Song Title: Liham at Lihim
Artist: Gloc 9
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Song of the Year

Song Title: Magda
Artist: Gloc 9 feat. Rico Blanco
Record Label: Universal Records Inc

Best Dance Recording

Song Title: No Limitations
Artist: Sam Concepcion
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Best Inspirational/Religious Recording

Song Title: Nathaniel
Artist: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Best Christmas Recording

Song Title: Hele Ni Inay
Artist: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Best Rap Recording

Song Title: Magda
Artist: Gloc 9
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Best Musical Arrangement

Song Title: Hele Ni Inay
Artist: Homer Flores
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Best Album Package

Album Title: Hulog Ka Ng Langit
Artists: Jay Saturnino D. Lumboy & Anne Kate Piñero (Graphic Desigers); Jay Saturnino D. Lumboy (Album Concept); Mark Nicdao (Photography)
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc.

Best World Music Recording

Song Title: Pansamantagal
Artist: Sitti Navarro & Julianne Tarroja
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Best Novelty Recording

Song Title: Papel
Artist: Joey Ayala & Gloc 9 feat. Denise Barbacena
Record Label: Universal Records, Inc

Universal Records’ Kathleen Go is an Entrepreneur of Passion

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Universal Records Managing Director Kathleen Dy-Go, over the years, has successfully prepared the country’s biggest independent record label to withstand the challenges of the ever-changing landscape of the local recording industry.

Because of this achievement, Joey Concepcion’s GoNegosyo has named Kathleen as one of the 50 Entrepreneurs of Passion. Her story is included in a special limited edition book with the subtitle “How Big Dreams and Good Ideas Became Great Businesses.”

In the commemorative book, Kathleen recalled how Universal Records have readied itself in the evolution of music formats in the country – from vinyl to cassettes to CDs to digital.

Kathleen also admitted that this inescapable evolution is really challenging, but according to her, one truth keeps her faith in the industry – “Music will never disappear and Filipinos will always be music lovers.”

She further adds, “We (in Universal Records) will always be here to service their needs, and at the same time discover and support great talents in OPM.”

With Kathleen’s supervision and guidance, Universal Records is the record label of OPM superstars like Gary Valenciano, Parokya Ni Edgar, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Gloc-9, Christian Bautista, Noel Cabangon, Sponge Cola, Sam Concepcion, Callalily, Kamikazee, Kuh Ledesma, among others.

Aside from her engagements as Managing Director of Universal Records, Kathleen is also busy helping Immaculate Conception Academy, her alma mater, and Xavier School in their various projects.


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