The view of 2017


Landing a job on the first month, failing love story, a period of silence, the touch of darkness, fall from grace for a month, landing a job for the 2nd time, the good stuff, the good company, where I stand today, and what I look forward.


Landing a job on the first month

2016 is not a good year for me, those were trying times, failed adventure in the land of sands, going back empty handed but with a lot of experience points in life. Depression locks me inside my room for 6 months, afraid of further failures to come my way. I stood up thanks to my family, friends and old flame. The start of 2017 is pretty good for me, new job, new friends, new adventures, new pain in the ass. It was all good until it lasted

Failing love story

This gotta be one of the biggest fails. The flame died out. I fall out of love and I don’t know why, and I didn’t bother. I lived my life as if nothing happened. I still carry a heavy baggage up to this day I write this down. I admit, I’m not the best partner but I tried, believe me I tried but I guess it’s not enough. I have failed you, sorry.

A period of silence

I’ve gone hermit mode once again, I secluded myself from my friends, I was available online but not physically. I avoid going out and opted staying indoors and lay in my bed during weekends. Work-Home is the usual pattern and in the weekends, its me, my bed and my laptop.

The touch of darkness

Dark times ahead! Someone is plotting against me, I can sense the disturbance in the force. I acted ahead of time and planted seeds, so it might benefit me after they are done with me. (actually, I sent my CV to different companies and taken some interviews) The darkness grasp is strong, and the worm tongue extends her power and the fellowship is in the dire straits.

Fall from grace for a month

It was a Friday afternoon, Mother’s birthday, the rain is pouring hard as if they sense the dreaded news ahead of me. The corruption spreads to the roots and they painted me with the wrong picture after I vent my side. They decided to let me go. I saw it coming. I fall from grace with a big grin in my face like a villain because I know what lies ahead of me. Salvation.

Landing a job for the second time

A month has passed since my fall from grace. Those days are bittersweet, the hardships come to fruition, I got a new job, my second salvo this year, my strike back in life. Positive to what may come to me during the final stretch of the year.

The good stuff, the good company

Perhaps the heavens got tired of giving me trials for all my life and it decided to give me something good for a change. Finally, a company who is better than the previous ones. Great bosses, great clients, great working environment, new friends, a lot of good things to say. I’m loving it.

Where I stand today, and what I look forward

After the series of ups and downs in my life, I stand on a not so tall building. I’m yet to see the full horizon on the top. I’ll keep on climbing and enjoy the journey to the new heights and valleys of my life.

Here’s to the upcoming year. Cheers mates!


Star Wars : The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Edit: It’s really hard to make a non-spoiler review of this movie. I have a lot to say about this movie but for now this should do. After a 3 weeks, if I’m not lazy enough, Imma do the SPOILER review of The Last Jedi.

I’ve never been so hype for a Star Wars movie before, this new installation of the Star Wars movie made me reserve for a ticket, one thing I never done in my life before. I had to do it because I want to be one of the first to see it.  Popping the cherry as they say. It was a pleasant experience and I’ll do it again the next time.

Now going back to the movie. A lot of movie reviews came after the press screening of the movie and initially all the reviews are praises, considering the movie the best installation among the Star Wars movie franchise. I was curious why they said it is, so I had to reserve two tickets for the movie.

After the long and arduous process of process of reserving a ticket, I finally got it and doubts came into my mind. Will it live up to the hype? Is it better than Empire Strikes Back or Rouge One? (These movies are the best Star Wars movies for me)

So, without further ado here’s my mini review of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.


A lot is going on as usual and it might confuse a lot of people watching Star Wars for the first time. It is suggested to first timers to watch the previous installation of the franchise to avoid being confused of the story and convoluted feel of the movie. As for the long-time fans of the series, the feel of the movie is somewhat like a combination of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi but in a much modern take and twists.  The story is straight forward and there’s a lot of light and funny moments in the movie. One liners and wisecrack lines and space battle are still there. The force is also there and the other use of it is explored in the movie.


Good thing about this movie is the introduction of the new characters in the series. The movie did a great job introducing new characters like Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) and DJ (Benicio Del Toro) creating new dynamics to the existing characters of Star Wars.

Kylo Ren as usual with is conflicting/confused feeling towards his affinity to the both side of the force. His volcanic outbursts reach new levels in this time around, the trait of emotion volatility shared by the Skywalker lineage.

On the other hand, Rey and her continuous search for her past, strong connection to the force is also explored in the movie. Finn finally comes to after being comatosed in The Force Awakens and Poe being reckless as ever.

Luke goes hermit, reclusive and grumpy. The reason? You gotta watch the movie to learn why. Mark Hamill’s performance as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is brilliant I hope he get an award for this.

General Leia Organa Solo, leader of the resistance is a sight to behold. Seeing Carrie Fisher’s final performance as Leia will make you board the feels train.

My thoughts about the movie

The feels is strong in this movie. Rian Johnson’s direction effectively make viewers go on an emotional rollercoaster while watching the movie. Nods from the past installation of Star Wars is evidently seen in the movie striking a somewhat balance to the story telling.

There are a lot of ups and down in the movie. The ups are the surprises. “This is not going to go the way you think!” – Luke Skywalker. Yes it will be an emotional rollercoaster for fans. The downside of this is that there are dragging moments in the movie which is very little you wont mind it at all.

The Star Wars series is clearly going on a different direction after this movie, closing doors to the old characters and opening doors to new characters of this epic space saga.

Rating : 8/10


PS: I really want to see them do the Star Wars Legends (formerly known as Extended Universe) in the future, but it’s very highly unlikely to happen.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now showing on cinemas

Melancholy and Classical Music

Another day in the office, it’s a good one actually. Working on a different environment for the second time around this year is a blessing for me. Sadness fell because it’s the last day of my supervisor at work. She’s been really, really good to me even though we only knew each other for two months. But that’s office life, some will come and some will go. It’s a vicious cycle and the outcome is very inevitable. Good luck to your future endeavors Stephanie, may the force be with you always.

After the client meeting, I started working on my tasks that piled up, thanks to the long weekend. I have to finish them in a short span of time.

To concentrate on the tasks at hand I listened to classical music and started playing Mozart. His concerto is one of the best background music when working. I take a sip on my coffee and work my way on the reports.

Then one message came through to my phone. The friend zone is welcoming me back inside. Being the stupid ass that I am, I didn’t get the first time she said that it’s not possible, as the conversation progress, I started to realize that the ship has sailed and only a fool would try to continue. The fool that I am, I tried to continue but to no avail.

Chopin’s Op. 27, No. 1 in C sharp minor. Larghetto starts to play in the background. I feel the soft touch of melancholy in every caress of the pianist on the piano. It’s very sad. I feel like staring on my own drama scene where I got dumped by the girl I tried to woo. True to the very atmosphere of what’s currently happening to me at the moment, you might imagine the sad scene.

I’m a veteran of heartbreaks; I’ve experienced a lot of it; the what-ifs and the one that got away. I’ve experienced it all, from hell and back again.

As Chopin continues to play, the time flow slow for me, I remember all of the times that I let my guard down. From the time my hair is all black, to being long hair, dreadlocks up to the present where my hair is almost gray. It’s been a long time, so many heartaches a lot of stupid love shit happened to me. This pain is nothing compared to what I have endured in the past. I keep telling that to myself. Chopin’s Op. 37, No. 1 in G minor. Lento plays in the background. The sadness continues.

I have to continue working because I have a deadline to beat. I keep it at the back of my head, focusing on what matters at the moment, the tasks. I need to finish these reports or my client will chew me out.

Break time starts; I went down and have a smoke. I bought cup noodles because my food is not that good and I need some energy to continue working. Coffee cannot save me from hunger and sadness; I need something to consume other than coffee.

To take away my mind from what’s been bothering me. I talked to my colleague about politics. Its funny politics saved me for a while from being consumed by sadness.

After the long talk about politics and other things in life with my colleagues. I went back to my station. Once again, sadness is there, and also the pending tasks waiting for me and saying. “Welcome back stupid. Time is running out gotta finish us before the end of your shift.” Yeah, I need to finish them, and continued playing Chopin’s Op. 62, No. 2 in E major. Lento.

After two hours of battling with the deadline, I finally finished the two reports. It took me a lot of time to collate them and compile them into a report. I need to learn how to use Google’s Data Studio to make my life easier next time.

Time to go home, Chopin’s masterpiece still rings in my head alongside the thought of being friend zoned. God damn it they jive well in my head.

I went out of the office and light up another stick before going home. Probably the best time to forget and kill some brain cells to help me forget, hitting the cigarette while walking towards the parking lot.

Started the engine of my bike and drove it out of the parking lot.

Chopin’s Op. posth in C minor plays in my head as I ride home.



Super Late Post : Toycon + Pop Life FanXperience 2017 Coverage

I’ve been covering Toycon since 2008 and I can’t believe I’m still covering the event thanks to Kuya Azrael  for giving me the opportunity to be part of this event. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the privilege to cover this event.

A lot of things change since the first time I covered this event, met a lot of friends and wonderful people, bloggers, celebs and geeks like me.

Unlike the previous Toycon Event, I only managed to attend the second day of the event because I have to attend to other things. This is also a good time to catch up with my friends in the blogging community and former officemates who is also attending the event. It was a good day. Thanks to the garlic stick of Andrea I ate while driving the car going to SMX, nakatipid ako at sobrang busog HAHAHA! (Sa APCC naman ulit Andrea ah!)

As usual, dumaan na naman ang Toycon na wala akong picture with the Gosiengfiao Sisters (Si Alodia lang nandun, wala si Ashley), But what I do have is some of the pictures I’ve taken during the Toycon Poplife FanXperience Day 2

I’m sorry if this post took me a long time to post. To my sponsors, I’m really sorry. Life happened and I was thrown to the chaos. but here it is.









After a hectic work week, a lovely weekend is in order. And to truly unwind after the weekend, BSA Tower Makati gives Makati dwellers and travelers one great suggestion: grabbing its LESS IS MORE promo!

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In times of doubt, just pick red


I’ve decided to pick red in times of doubt, because it is much stronger and it takes a lot of oxygen to smoke one.

What a day it is. I won’t go over the details but this is one of the most roller coaster day I had.

I was really feeling happy earlier this day because I know I will be productive but things went south later and I opted to pick red.

Why I pick red?

This is not an advertisement for a cigarette brand but for most of the time when I’m stressed or want an easy fix for my raging blood I usually go for red. The taste is strong. Mapait. makes me forget the roller coaster feeling that I’m riding while smoking. It ease the demons in my head.

This gonna be a long smoke I said to myself. Enough time to calm my nerves and think straight.

All my life, I’ve been so Ill tempered. My closest friends knows this fact very well and some of my ex-office mates too (I guess). I easily lose temper and go berserk, and nothing good follows after that.

Habang tumatanda ka natututo ka na mag timpi ng husto. Nasa dulo ka na ng pisi mo, pilit ka pa din bumabalanse kahit mukhang wala nang pagasa bumalanse ang mga bagay bagay sa paligid mo. Pilit mo tinatago yung pinaka mabaho mong ugali na lumabas kahit na puputok na ang batok mo, nag tutunugan na ang mga buto sa daliri at gusto mong ibuga ang usok galing sa nag babaga mong damdamin gamit ang salita o paliparin sa hangin ang nag ngangalit mong kamao.  

Kaso hindi ganon eh. Isipin mo na lang ang mga bagay at pangyayari na susunod pagkatapos mo magpakawala ng apoy. May masusunog. kung hindi sila, IKAW. 

Ang ending, ikaw ang talo, nakaganti ka nga, kinain ka naman ng poot at mahuhusgahan ka ng kapwa mo o ng langit mismo.

I continued hitting the first stick until it runs out and flip it towards the cigarette bin. I decided to get one again because the demons in my head are still acting up. I need to further suppress them. I reach in the pocket of my polo and quickly light it up and further think about what is happening.

Naalala ko yung dati na mga pangyayari sa buhay ko. Umabot ako sa kalagayan ko na ito matapos ang lahat. Mabuti na din na nakapagpigil ako sa mga bagay na umirita sa akin ng todo. Yun nga lang Dumami na ang puti kong buhok, dala ng maraming pinigil na emosyon, kunsumisyon at gigil.

Huli akong nagpalabas ng mga demonyo sa katawan ko ay napakatagal na panahon na. Noong nahimasmasan ako, nakita ko ang delubyo na sinapit ng bawat madaanan ko. Wasak na tindahan ng miryenda ng aming kapitbahay, nagkalat na baso ng halo halo, natapon na mga lumpia at nadurog na mga chicharon na nakakalat sa sahig. Natamo ko sa tagpong iyon ay mga duguang mga kamao, nabinging kanang tenga na inabot ng tatlong buwan bago gumaling at wasak na BLACK SABER na tamiya 4WD na laruan. Nanlumo ako sa ginawa ko, habang tinitignan ko ang itsura nung pinagbuhusan ko ng galit, hindi ko maiwasan na maawa sa kanya at matakot din sa sarili ko.

Ganun pala ako, hindi ako maawat kahit dalawang kaibigan ko na mas malaki sa akin ang umaawat sa akin. Pula lang ang nakikita ko, wala ako naririnig, wala ako nararamdaman, kahit na ilang beses na ako tinamaan sa mukha at iba’t ibang parte ng katawan, wala ako nararamdaman, tanggi ko lang nakikita ay pula. 

The second stick didn’t last long. After that I decided to go back to the office. Not that calm but I can manage. Thanks to that two red stick. Many past memories began to play like a film while I’m on the elevator going up. But those memories are painted with a different shade of colors and that’s for another story for me to tell and share in the future.

Salamat sa kulay pula naalala ko na mas maraming bagay na positibo na maari pang mangyari sa hinaharap. Kung kainin man ako muli ng poot sa mga susunod na panahon, maisip ko din sana na sa bawat masamang bagay na aking magagawa, pulang karma ang naghahantay.






It used to be when TOYCON was just all about toys and collecting geeky stuff, and being under one roof with pop-culture fanboys, cosplayers, gamers and comic book nerds. But this year, TOYCON heads off for uncharted waters and borrowing from a certain famous space TV show, “Boldly goes to where no CON has gone before.”

The Philippine TOYCON, now on its 16th year, began an exciting partnership with Pop Life Entertainment, a leading international creative house and brand development company, last year to create the ultimate Fan experience for the Filipino pop-culture fans.

ToyCon Pop Life FanXperience 2016 was the biggest celebration of all things associated with pop-culture such as toys, games, movies, cosplay, anime and collectibles.

FanXperience made ToyCon the staging-ground of the “ultimate fan experience” for the local fan base who got to get up close and personal for the first time with international celebrities like Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones and Dean Cain from the Adventures of Superman.

This year the TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE 2017 takes it up a notch higher and promises bigger entertainment and a whole new playground for the digital generation.


TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE launches to the stratosphere with not just one, two or three but SEVEN big international celebrities for the Filipino fans to enjoy an up close and personal encounter! These include

Carla Perez – Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers 90s TV Series
Charlie Bewley – The Vampire Dmitri, from the Twilight movie franchise
Lindsay Mckeon – Tessa the Reaper from the hit TV series, Supernatural
Karen Fukuhara – Katana of the Suicide Squad
Stefan Capicic – Colossus in the Deadpool Movie
Cas Anvar – the voice of Altair in Assassins Creed:Revelations
Kevin McNally – Joshamee Gibbs in all 5 Pirate of the Caribbean movies


The FanXperience will certainly give lucky fans a chance to interact one-on-one with these big celebrities through the live panels and Meet & Greet sessions.
The TOYCON also boasts of some of the biggest exhibits in the world of popular culture and this year’s highlights include:

  • Japan’s top toy brand, Kotobukiya, displays its latest line of Marvel, Star Wars and DC figurines along with the launch of the Frame Arms Girl Anime and merchandise.
  • Warner Brothers features its movie exhibit of its upcoming line of hit movies, IT, Ninjago, Justice League and the original movie prop doll of the horror cult classic, Annabelle.
  • Mars Ravelo’s Superheroes are featured in their classic art and comic form courtesy of the Mars Ravelo Estate and ABS CBN Licensing.
  • The TOYCON Toy Club Gallery – The biggest toy collectors’ exhibit ever assembled under one roof featuring top toy brands, Kotobukiya, Enesco, Bandai, Hero Cross, Hasbro, Mattel, Hot Toys and Lego. This exhibit makes ToyCon one of the most photographed events in the country.
  • Artists Alley and custom artwork – fans meet their favorite local and international guest artists for custom sketches, signing and art critiquing.
  • The biggest dealer floor of around 240 merchants of various pop-culture merchandise, comics, accessories, cosplay merchandise, toys and collectibles

Other event highlights include:

  • The grand finals of the World Cosplay Summit Philippine Championship and our very own TOYCON Cosplay Competition.
  • The awarding of the very first Pinoy Pop Culture Awards
  • Musical performances by British electronic duo, Addictive TV and top local bands
  • ToyClicks toy photography competition and the Toy Customization contest


Pop Life Entertainment brings your ideas to life in the Creator Stage! All digital content creators and online celebrity aspirants can make their mark on the digital stage by creating their own content right at the Pop Life Creator Stage at the 2nd level of the SMX Convention Center. Share your genius and get a chance to be part of a global leader in multi-channel networks, Pro Am Studio!
Enjoy a brand new set of toys in a whole new playground as the TOYCON POP LIFE FANXPERIENCE happens on
June 30 to July 2, 2017 SMX Convention Center Manila Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

The event is organized by the Asian Comics, Toys & Hobbies Collective Inc. and Pop Life Entertainment
and co-presented by GLOBE. With sponsors MaxiCollector, Arigatoys, the Gaming Library, Warner Brothers Pictures, Bankee, Toy Empire, Ano Toys, Great Toys Online, Hygienix, Bully Boys Collectibles, Big Boys Toystore, Hubbyte, Kramer Toy Warden, Devant, MoguMogu, and Bruder Toys.

With media partners, ABS-CBN, History Channel, Psicom, Manilascape, PBNet and Retro 105.9 DCG FM. For details contact:

Cholo Mallillin (Marketing Head)
Vic Yap (Head of Operations)
Azrael Coladilla (Digital Content Manager)

For event details go to:

Tickets are available online at